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Sunday, 4 June 2017


So The Horror And Rivers Of Blood Increase.

This is where it all began and led to the state of our once precious and lovely Islands today. After yet another explosion of neanderthal barbarism we can look at how, after these dire and prescient warnings were not only ignored but spawned the multicultural industry of appeasement , discrimination against all speech crying for better answers and better use of force to counter force.

Listen to Powell's response to the accusation of racism. Listen to the cries of "it's not racism, it's the squashing of any questioning or dissent as to the direction taken". How terrible are the consequences now becoming, of the political stance taken since Powell's departure from politics.

I said in my post after the Manchester atrocity ALL of our MPs, since Powell's warnings should, are complicit in condemning us, possibly forever, to a divided, dreadful Nation of divided cultures, creeds and evil versus a declining good. Just look at the appeasement preached by Corbyn for a start. A man more than comfortable with terror and violence to achieve political ends.

I do not argue with the idea of stoicism and togetherness. The wartime defiance against nightly bombing from the skies was an example of such "togetherness". A sense of purpose nurtured by strong leadership from Churchill and a desire to meet fire with fire. This to keep up morale and add to the powerful sense of a united oneness against terror.

Of all sensible, right minded people the thinking must surely be of admiration and a slight envy for those armed police officers who killed these barbaric maniacs last evening. Sadly they will now face weeks of investigation, as the rest of us are told not to be upset or angry. Like so many troops recently facing death in illegal and stupid conflicts abroad, the police from London bridge could face, down the road, all kinds of potential law suits.

This association but one linked to the ability of some to cash in on terrorism whilst pretending moral superiority. Just this morning the repetitive diatribe of "they must not win", "we stand together" ad nauseam. All of which does not scratch the service of the culpability of our representatives in Parliament.

I have no wish to see a backlash of equally neanderthal, ill educated Anglo Saxon hooliganism and the hatred we now witness from both the leftard camp and less apparent but still there right. Millions of immigrants are now second or third generation. 

However the failure to integrate but rather huddle in ghettos, deprived, poverty ridden slums and breeding grounds for revolutionary violence and racist hatred for their host population is rife. The only solution I can think of is any departure from our historic, hard won privileges and comparative wealth, in favour of imported religious or cultural dogma has to be slowly reduced to far smaller levels than now.

By the same token our own disadvantaged and intellectually reduced people need purpose and guidance. Not the terrible, media and consumer driven inanity now the norm. The awful depravity of so many women and young girls now flaunted with abandon is wrong. I'm no kill joy but much of modern youth behaviour is feckless, careless and stupid. Lack of responsibility for Sodom and Gomorrah indulgence is part of our sickness.

A strong leader prepared to vilify white feckless stupidity as well as crack down on all illegal migrant hordes and insist on better integration together with mass deportation of all illegal migrants is desirable, tough and necessary. 

Guess what. It won't happen. The rivers of blood are becoming powerful currents. We have to realise that as each year passes we shall surrender more and more of our cities and major towns to strife and horror. Already any effort to protect thousands of young, predominantly white girls in these conurbations is futile and minimal. Our Establishment shrug at that abuse whilst purveying their shoddy credentials as our purported representatives. Not in this one matter not a shred of shame.

If, I mean if, the election goes ahead, a massive majority for a right leaning Government could help. However, even with a huge mandate I doubt we will even then get the draconian actions necessary to change our course of self destruction. The appeasers and apologists will, one day, be forced, sadly, to understand the principle of dog eat dog outcome we seem already close to.

I know of not one politician with the ability to save our Nation. The cry is "don't let the the terror and its perpetrators win". Well, to date they're doing pretty well and Thursday may see them score another big victory if Corbyn wins the day. Yup, I'm making political capital here. Somebody needs to if only to counter the weasley, mealy mouthing repetition after every atrocity and slaughter of innocents.

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  1. How difficult is it to throw up a dozen WW2 style prison camps guarded by the military with authorisation to use whatever force they deemed necessary to maintain order and prevent escapes ? Incarcerate all those on watch lists in separate male and female camps and put their children into care. If the do gooders and lefties want to whine about it let them, it's time to turn a deaf ear, for their way of thinking has caused enough damage.
    With 2 to 3 thousand "may be's" taken from their work load the security services would be free to concentrate on the ones who have not yet come to light.
    What would we do with them once they've been excised from civilised society ? For all I care they could stay locked up till they rot but if they could find some third world shit hole that would give them citizenship, pay their fare and let them go.