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Monday, 5 June 2017

After Atrocity.

Corbyn Launches Faux Anger At Living Within Our Means.

Whilst The PM is hosting a COBRA meeting and victims are fighting for their lives, our man of the people, (not) rushes into exploiting this nightmare for his own grubby ends. We have had to face years of Labours' dementia over their 13 years of wrecking ball policies. Two stand shoulder to shoulder. Mass immigration for vote rigging and the subsequent running out of out money to fund it.

The rise of an Islamic, dissatisfied and racist population, illegal wars and gross incompetence, all took place under Labour and Corbyn's tacit connivance as a Labour MP. The disastrous period led to him seizing the Labour Party and turning back the clock to a primitive and dubious leftard control freakery.

Seven years of effort to reverse the decline of 13 years of gerrymandering, PFI and gold reserve, pension stripping idiocy may never even touch the depths of the required and necessary redress for those excesses. Indeed the terror now abroad can be directly placed at the door of mass, uncontrolled migration and the loss of our border control. 

All the tax revenue on the Planet would not be enough to pay for the damage wrought in the past, let alone the terror a Corbyn Premiership would unleash. Just the land tax replacement of council tax alone would cripple any householder with a plot, no matter how small. If you rent property out, then that would be decimated and even more homelessness would evolve.

So, when Thursday arrives, great care must be taken with any decision to vote Corbyn. A quick look at North Korea would help. Communism a la carte Corbynism in the raw. Add to that his dancing, not "with wolves", (my favourite film) but barbaric, neanderthal killers. Obviously his friends of choice. 

That millions will fall for his duplicitous and two faced nastiness is a conundrum. The only excuse must be a childish, inadequacy to be self sufficient and stand on ones own two feet. Whingeing that a very generous but expensive and borrowed benefit system, health service and comfortable, idle existence is somehow not as it should be. Perhaps even Ferraris and 50K a week benefits would still be too little.

Meanwhile make sod all effort to protest against chld abuse in mainly Labour, migrant dominated strongholds. What does this tell us about leftard 3 monkey attitudes?  Another truth leftards love to ignore. I despair. Rape of little children, dancing with terrorists and total economic ignorance. Yup, vote Labour and Corbyn for more of the same.

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