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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

12 Hours To Campaign End.

Commie Corbyn Has One Last Screw Over With Flabbot.

Well, who'd have thought it. Decades ago his choice of girlfriend was iffy then he made her, years later Shadow Home Secretary. Add his communist devotion to dictatorship by dogma, love of violent methods to gain power and a track record of salivating over Islamist barbaric killers and the IRA thugs and there your choice for Prime Minister tomorrow.

The TV media, every channel from all of the BBC, ITV3, Channel 4 and onto Bunter Boulton and Faisal Islam at SKY made up crap, it's been wall to wall Commie Corbyn. Except today. He sacks his old lover and diva, Flabbot. Imagine the second by second glee of the goggle box punditry if the PM had done that to a minor player let alone Boris or Hammond?

This disgrace of an Englishman, quite frankly is a waste of English parentage. How much happier he would have been borne an Islamist and free to carry out his spite and venom on his countrymen with the promise of 72 virgins in the mould of his old mistress, the fragrant Flabbot. 

If anyone ever doubted the present Labour Party leadership is a dangerous, terror sympathising cabal of gross, un British awfulness, today's sacking and lying about the reason is good enough reason to affirm those doubts. If you were as mad as they are, to vote Labour tomorrow, don't expect the golden dawn promised of fairness for all.

A Corbyn Government will swamp our civil service with migrants, as Bliar did but in even greater numbers. No one has yet posed the question as to how many of these terrorists have infiltrated our institutions. Including the secret services. 

I still expect a big victory tomorrow. Anything less than a much increased majority for Mrs May, love her or not, will be the end of any semblance of our once kind, decent tolerant but now abused character. You know, those qualities which helped free Europe from the Nazi horrors now emulated by friends of Commie Corbyn.

One last thought, I wonder if these pollsters will get a kicking big enough to put them out of business.

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