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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Opinion Polls.

Wall To Wall Labour Revival.

As the death throes of Western, hijacked by globalised mega corporations, get ever more apparent, the 24/7 media continue to promote the children of the leftard genealogy of effwits. The snowflake video clip, long as it is, shows the manner the brainwashing of decades has been successful.

"News" right now is a wail of biased whingeing. Just as we experienced over Brexit and admittedly the surprising Camoron win. As with Trump's victory, signs of a Custer like last stand by the few remaining folk with a common sense capability to recognise bull shit when poured on their heads.

Now we can watch the Soros billions financing a blatant fight back, no truths left unbought, no nastiness foregone to recover the grip on the Eloys tacit attempt at rebellion. The clever pretence and exploitation of already brainwashed, ill educated kids continues apace. Patience the modern watchword for eventual global enslavement.

Despite so much contradictory evidence, the pollsters still reign supreme over the MSM productions. Only, of course the narrative desired by the Establishment and the need to subdue by socialism any dissent. Likewise the enforced multiculturalism, the preparedness to tolerate the barbaric child abuse and FGM practices from a medieval age of evil.

Everything is driving us to a future devoid of hope, culture, fairness and decent, Christian values. A future built on a pretence of fairness but a deception of the already softened up, gullible and poorly educated. Even deliberately intellectually challenged bred or imported dregs of human bad breeding. Fact not racism.

What else can explain the constant manipulation of polls and the MSM's obsessive need to promote everything counter intuitive to reality and human nature's desire to evolve well f not a desire by a few to rule the rest? Corbyn and socialism, like mass immigration and the EUSSR monster are all instruments of a shadowy, Soros inspired, common purpose very much for the few not the many. Corbyn and the leftards little more than cannon fodder.

Remember the aspect of patience. McCluskey and any agents of disruption and control are just there to stir feelings and promote unrest which can then result, as it already does, draconian laws of suppression. How long we older and dare I say more sagacious older folk have to make a difference is not, in the Common Purpose timescale, much more time left to make a difference.

Even if May gets a thumping majority I'm not sure she will go against Common Purpose. We can but hope. So far any powerful success, like Farage and Trump, is under huge pressure and beset by fear. Is May to suffer a similar fate? If we believe the BBC and Media coverage, the answer has to be yes. 

One already small example is to  be seen today. Means testing of the winter fuel allowance and a sensible approach to the universal benefit system long overdue. Yet this first of the stupid sacred cows of the vote buying benefit scams, beloved by Labour, will be attacked, regardless of any hypocrisy involved. 

Hypocrisy, lest we forget, a beloved currency of the left. Not least their self awarded salaries throughout the Union upper echelons and the Party hierarchy.  The Balls two cabinet minister incomes circa half a million plus per annum. The Kinnocks multi million pound fortune. Mandleson, Bliar to name but a handful of bitcoin style hypocrites. Not one of them guilty of an honest day's toil, ever.

So this faux election rumbles on. Immigration, child sex abuse, inbreeding genetic disorders subordinated and a plethora of minority cause temples of worship allowed to dominate any real debate. Only a massive Tory majority likely to temporarily stem the tide of suppression happily swum in by the impressionable, mainly young or very thick. 

Let me be selfish for a moment. I have worked very hard and like many, suffered tragedies and painful periods in my life. but feel blessed I had the ability to still do well. Despite the march of global, corporate dictatorship, the ever growing billions of disadvantaged and , with a huge majority in June for May, I might never see, for the rest of my days a resurgent Common Purpose success. This a charity for God's sake. Little more than calling Hitler's final solution a charity.

So, as the polls a reported as closing I just pray their publication will be as puerile and inaccurate as in 2016. As I have touched upon in this post, a slowing of the tide of enslavement may be the best we can hope for. Since the young are so addled and won, what else is left but to hold them off for as long as we can?

Will June the 9th be another great day for those idiots like myself who adore freedom and free spirit? Liberty and self reliance, kindness and fairness over feckless selfishness and barbaric ignorance. There's a chance, surely?

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