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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Manifesto By And For Muppets.

Fools Led By Donkeys.

Then there are the mega rich clowns of Labour. 

Let us hope this becomes rhetorical, too.

As I enter my final years I am still non the wiser as to how these idiots still are around. After decades of effort, trauma and fighting for a modicum of success, I find myself vilified and rubbished for not conforming to the stupidity of the ignorant and intellectually void "workers" so beloved of Labour.

The poor and their ranks have been swollen by mass immigration. What cake there ever was sliced so thinly only crumbs are left. Yet along comes yet another Labour campaign lauding the ignorant, ill bred, feckless and minority swollen hordes to crave State largess only there on the backs of the intelligent, better bred and raised middle classes and their aspiration to do well for themselves and others.

Just stop and think as to how the power of State owned industries used to be. The battering rams for the privileged few in the upper echelons of "The Party" and their masters in the Unions. Men and women hell bent on ensuring their grievous profligacy with others' money and harsh, unfair and unequal taxation did not impact on their own wealth.

Look at the Kinnocks and Bliars, the Mandlesons and legions of failed apparatchiks now nicely cossetted in the House of Ill Repute Lords or placed with contacts garnered whilst in Office. Sure they all do it but with Socialists it's blatant hypocritical nepotism goes unmentioned by their media controlled friends and their captured BBC.

Their manifesto today is a joke in dreadful taste but applauded to the skies. Fair and just it's said. Yup, to McCluskey and his ilk, sure. This for example. Added to the placement purchased with election funding donations or else threat by McCluskey of withdrawal of funds, as we learn here, and any future under the Labour Party becoming North Korean like becomes ever more obvious.

I have chosen to avoid where possible the coverage of this election and the media's predictable rush up the backsides of anything remotely Labour but still the saturated coverage and bias is such as to creep into every tiny part of our lives. 

I can only pray that the conniving, awful nastiness, so successful for Bliar and destructive for most of us will finally collapse in June. If it were to be moderately successful or even win, then we really will learn what the suffering of the Greek dictatorship is like. Brexit would be quashed, nationalisation implemented and any excesses that may be attributed to private industry will look supreme by comparison.

We would enter a decline so rapid shoe less urchins and Dickensian streets would be back but claimed to be the leftover result of Tory cruel making ends meet and living within our means policies necessitated by the debacle and debt accrued by "friends of socialism". Prime amongst them "celebs" of the drug addled Russel Brand school of coke snorting, private jet travelling, ignorant evil.

Yup, blame it all on the better off as long as we "celebs" aren't included in the constant"brand" of socialist hypocrisy. Manifesto for the many, not the few. Which few? The new order run by Unite. The one beloved by Stalin, perhaps? Look what happened to the latter's many slaughtered dissenters. That's the real communism and socialism, eventual scenarios, to never forget.

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