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Monday, 8 May 2017

France Capitulates.


The EUSSR efforts to prevent Brexit and the leave victory in the UK were thwarted by their arithmetical arrogance. My personal estimate is that the Establishment were confident in figures secretly produced by Whitehall Lord Haw Haws showing that a carefully orchestrated 4 million ghost voters would be sufficient to stop this separatist, nationalist nonsense. They were wrong. 

So I guess with France they doubled their figures. Ergo if half of Macron's 66% was the true vote he would have lost to Marine Le Pen. I was to elaborate on this but feel a more powerful blogger and writer has done better so I direct you to his, Dioclese's post of this morning. Just bear in mind Macron's handlers got him to march our, or strut, to the EUSSR stolen anthem. Nauseating and a disgrace.

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