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Thursday, 11 May 2017

For The Many Not The Few.

Socialist And Trade Union Dictatorship.

After Corbyn's leaked Marxist manifesto we can compare his strategy. A reversal of the events shown in the link and our rapid decline into a failed State and economy as seen in east Germany after that State  was governed under big government and enslavement.

As with all such initial moral superiority in the face of human frailty and greed, this allows the few in power to spoil the lives of the many forced to surrender aspiration and ambition. The only plus would be mass migration out of Britain.

There is a strong possibility that Labour and The LibDums might well be lost for generations come the 8th of June. We shall be a better Nation for it. At least if the minority hateful Tories are kept in check. 

Perhaps Mrs May will go one better than Lady Thatcher and see off the "nasty" parts of her Party. That or a UKIP resurgence happen. Whatever the loss of the now fatuous other two Parties, as in France, will be no bad thing. For sure the moronic leaderships of Corbyn and Farron deserve a massive kicking for their banality alone.

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  1. Succinct and to the point!

    The Lib Dem should have been consigned to the dustbin of history long ago. All they've ever done is split the vote and let Labour slip in through the back door. Sooner they're gone the better.

    My money is on SDPII after June 8th. They're already threatening to set up a separate group in the House if Corbyn doesn't resign. And people will seriously vote for these people???

    If so, we're doomed...