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Friday, 12 May 2017


Gross And Incompetent, Endless Bias.

I am sick to death of our western stupid media cuntidry punditry of the most pathetic and gross nastiness and so obvious, undisguised bias. Every effing BBC internet page and "news" broadcast leads with Marxist terrorist sympathiser Corbyn. Every whispered, ludicrous word he spouts is immediately accorded tablet of stone credibility.
Just like the last moronic Union puppet Ed The Millibad.

Note the safe seat gift to McCLuskey's mate. Not cast for honours, now but cash for seats. Barely a mention by the media. As with the referendum, wall to wall bloody Labour shite. Still, we can hope the the incredible bias backfires massively. If it does the new Government needs to drain the BBC swamp. To coin a phrase.

I watch as little as possible and hope like hell the bias blows up in their faces even more than when Brexit was won and Trump defeated the Establishment's killer Clinton. Nevertheless the ugly and ridiculous face of Corbyn is becoming a nightmare. I did have a passing sympathy with his sticking to his principles but that looks ever more as weak as, with like any other political charlatan, he sells a Labour seat for McCluskey's pieces of silver.

I temporarily parked my Tory allegiance after Camoron blew his honour over Brexit and took away his toys when he lost. However, right now there is only one serious player on the pitch. Heir to Madge works for me a heck of a lot better than heir to Blair. 

So let us see the biggest two fingered gesture ever to Corbyn and Labour. Time they were buried with the walking dead of new Labour such as Mandleson. Just look at the disgusting hypocrisy of the bar stewards. The nepotism of the bunch of cabal ridden despots of the Kinnock crowd et al. Again let us pray Mrs May will get the chance to change all this and do with many more greed driven scum as she did with Osborne and Cameron. Last chance saloon in my lifetime, for sure.


  1. I only hope May proves herself and justifies the faith you have there Rightie.
    I have my doubts, her previous performance as Home Sec wasn't exactly stirring stuff.
    She's all of a sudden flavour of the month with much of the MSM, shades of Blair type worship, why are they so on side, what do they remainers writ through them like a stick of rock know that we don't.

    It's going to be a tory landslide anyway, there is no one else, i wouldn't worry two hoots what the BBC says, that organ is becoming as poisoned and discredited as Blair itself.

    What i can't fathom is why we're having the election she told us several times we wouldn't be having anyway, her very own mandate as reason is utter bollocks, she has a working majority thats all she needs.
    In 2 years time we'll know who and what she is, whatever happens they've got another 3 years after that to spin the outcome and get the electorate back on side whoever might be at the helm at the time.

    I hope and pray your faith is proved and my cynicism is just wrong.



  2. I wasn't sure whether Mrs May was the right candidate for leader of her party when Mr Cameron resigned last year because I had never heard her explain her personal political philosophy (if she has one).

    Having said that, one thing about her has impressed me. She does not jump in with a knee-jerk conclusion to a problem and then try to invent a justification for it. Instead she makes us wait to learn her position until she has considered it and, no doubt, taken wide soundings. Hers is not the trendy path of asserting she is right on everything in advance of being in a position to justify the position she adopts. I find that refreshing and suspect it is one reason she has such a high approval rating (yes, I know, it's only opinion polls, but there it is).

    Mr Corbyn is the exact opposite. His views seem to have been formed when he was in the fifth form and appear not to have changed one jot. Seeing him squirm on issues such as defence is a delight. The man wants to abolish all our armed force, he's made no secret of it for 40 years or so. But such is the depth of his dishonesty that he now feels it necessary to adopt a different position. Contemptible though I consider his true opinion to be, that contempt s exceeded by the contempt I feel for his dishonest weasel words. He must be at risk of losing more votes for his party by claiming to be a changed man - not least because his demeanour cannot hide that he is just lying to try to buy votes.

    Two big questions still arise.

    First, How strdy will Mrs May be with the EU if the new Conservative Party intake in the next parliament is of the wet remainer variety?

    Secondly, and much more importantly, how is Mrs Rightie getting on in the garden this year? One of the great delights for some years now has been seeing pictures of her magnificent work.

  3. Dear TFB, thank you for your kind support and in particular Mrs OR's passion for her garden. I shall ere long post some pictures of a year this year to rival those now gone.