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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Abu Corbyn Hamza

Hate Speech If Ever There Was.

This disgusting event today was extreme to the say the least. Not content with racist slurs against the indigenous white population he expects to subdue if given the chance, he had this rent boy exploiter introduce him. it was only surprising they didn't fondle each other. What a gross, immoral pair they made. Note well the neat avoidance of the Islamic approach to shirt lifters.

I am utterly amazed the diatribe appears to have got zero opprobrium let alone the starring role afforded Vaz. We really do plumb the depths of despicable and stench ridden immorality founded on hypocritical double standards with this crowd. I thought Bliar and Brown's crew were bad but dear Lord in Heaven this was a new depth of political depravity I never, ever believed the British character capable of.

I don't expect them to get power in my lifetime but the future of a leftard century of idiotic decline and evil may well arrive eventually. If not in Islamic garb, then Pol Pot style genocide of the intelligentsia, under a Corbyn influenced progeny might be the nightmare of your kids future.

Sadly it all began post the second world war when the peace was gifted to the left and then began the rapid exploitation of the masses. Many of the young and clever, sacrificed in two world wars, no longer sufficient in numbers and quality to stave off the awful descent producing this pantomime of nastiness in Watford. So tragic and yet unnecessary, wasn't it?


  1. Had to laugh today when there was a big hoo ha because he couldn't remember the cost of his free child care bribe. Well of course he didn't prepare for the interview, for the same reason he's not training to be an astronaut. He's never going to walk on the moon and he's as much chance of winning the election.

  2. I'm fairly sure your spot on, RAC. As for Kellner's YouGov cretins, hope they get much egg on face along with the other now tools of the Establishment pollsters.

  3. The link at the top of this article doesnt work ! Does it ??

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  5. Thank yo Anon, try now. It was the anti white hate speech by Corbyn and rent boy aficionado creep, Vaz. According to YouGov crap poll, a possible next Ambassador to Saudi!

  6. Why is it that every time I watch a Labour rally with Corbyn in it, I can't help thinking "Hitler" and "Nuremberg"?