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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

The Election Confusion!

A Delight As Well As A Danger.

The pathetic rushing about of the BBC and the other erstwhile punditry of fools that is the MSM is a pleasure to observe. As with Chump so with the UK GE. The sombre and deluded air of superiority over the rest of us is in tatters as the favoured leftard mantras fall on deaf ears.

Newsnight trotted out a subdued, bordering on broken, Mandlescum. Slumped in his seat and devoid of any air of buoyancy or arrogant sense of power and influence. A busted flush along with the Kinnocks, Bliar et al. Such was Mandleson's demeanour, Kirsty Squawk was likewise confused and demoralised.

Next up this morning was Keir  Starmer. Another "rabbit in the headlights" performance. As he read from a tatty piece of paper a half hearted and again confused, lack lustre load of codswallop about EU citizens' rights post Brexit. Plus more suggestion of how Labour would roll over at the EUSSR's bidding on all things sovereign and voted for by the UK majority referendum vote.

Make no bones about it. Labour are to fight, it appears but who can be sure, to overturn last year's result but shhhhh, don't shout to loud about these underhand motives. After all it's what the whole Establishment are getting moist about if they can engineer a result in their favour. As for such an effort, I'm still fearful Mrs may is totally committed once she has a massive majority.

However if some attempt is made to drag other subjects into the open Corbyn's weird form of Marxist philosophy is every bit as confusing. By that I mean how it's been discredited for decades and indeed led to the demise of the Soviet Union. As for mass immigration, Labours' woeful economic record and their responsibility for the creaking, failing infrastructure overwhelmed by their 13 years of misrule is still to be seen in the abject poverty arising from such profligate incompetence.

This without remembering Bliar and his sycophants' illegal, crippling warmongering. Now a stance and stench from the recent past countered by Corbyn's ridiculous stance on our defence. I too am against the Trident renewal or at least it's terrible expense, same with HS2. However a strong and excellent armed forces is much to be desired. If only to combat Islamist ambition for violent dictatorship.

So, in summary, confusion reigns. I think a Tory large majority might be desirable and a heavy defeat for all things pro the EUSSR only to the good. However I see no real movement of Party now left to support that can make a different statement for those. like myself, who have an abiding fear of all politicians and their handlers in the Whitehall, Brussels and Wall Street corridors of self interest.


  1. As far as I'm concerned there is only one issue in the forthcoming election and that is the Brexit we wanted when we voted out. Everything else is just noise, distraction, or bribery. So long as whoever we vote in gets us a good COMPLETE OUT then anything else they tag on to their manifesto, whether it be giving more of our taxes to foreign thieving despots or even cutting my pension, it's just crap we have to put up with for another five years, it's worth it to get the main prize.
    May I also draw peoples attention to this petition...... Ensure British Fishing Waters Are Returned To The UK Post Brexit.........

  2. Signed and tweeted RAC. Mrs OR too!

  3. Can you believe this nonsense.............

    Well I'll continue to patronise my local cafe to get my bacon butties, never seen anyone wearing a head bag in there.

  4. And another to go under the heading "Why We Need To Extricate Ourselves From Europe's Suicide"