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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Out of His Depth And Then Some.

Or Is That "They".

Should not Bomber Boris also seek sanctions against American action in Mosul? Or is the shrapnel and high explosive killing much nicer and more civilised than ISIS unknown slaughter in Syria? Still zero call from the Anglicised Turk for any public presentations of evidence, are there?

Furthermore if it is true Chump was urged to take action by his unelected daughter, what does that tell us? A truly mad house run by the inmates and cheered from the stalls by Boris, like some minor schoolboy seeking approbation and gang membership of others.

A humilation of the "get Russia" mantra from Johnson well deserved and is it possible his blundering and naive podgy weight throwing about just might be seen for the undiplomatic embarrassment it is? At least there was a small crumb of common sense from some G7 people today. let's hope it will last.

As for Tillerson and Chump, I wonder what the policy of tomorrow will be? Today it's been the lecturing and gross superiority and arrogance of two newly promoted idiots against a seasoned and to date very strong Russian President. Just bear in mind, if Vladimir were as gung-ho as theses buffoons demanding a re-run of Iraq and waving cardboard swords in Russia's face we would probably, by now, all be irradiated and forgotten.

Johnson's stuttering and spittle laden mantra "no peace without Assad gone" flies in the face of the shoddy deals done with the IRA butchers and the buffoons own call for more bombs please to bring peace! When, oh when will these warmongering people grow up? A full blown alliance to stop ISIL with Putin and Iran, even Hezbollah is surely no worse than the deals done with McGuinness and his thugs? or even that brokered by Bliar, for a price, with Qaddafi.

What, we must ask, on earth is going on? 


  1. You are correct in drawing attention to the cynical indifference the US shows to its "collateral damage" compared with the Hollywood production type of coverage of the isis f/f. May and her govmt.,are probably desperate to ingratiate themselves with the US in the hope of post Brexit paternalism from that quarter. It's my view however that Trump has shown he is not what it says on the can, and until he can prove he is not the coiffeured con man I sadly suspect him to be, May & co should either back Putin or bow out of the Syrian debate and take no sides at all.

  2. It takes a big man to hold his hand up and admit publicly that you made a bad mistake, and Trump isn't that big. Whether he was that stupid he was taken in by the gas f/f or whether he thought he was that damn clever he could pretend to be taken in by it and somehow use it to his own ends doesn't matter because Putin is in the right and knows it. Not only does Trump dig himself into a hole with his pointless firework display, he now compounds it by publicly calling Assad an animal. Yay way to go gobshite, dipolmacy at its best !!! This vain fool is talking himself into a corner and his hubris is going to get a lot of people killed.
    Are his opponents feeding him drugs or what. Perhaps the best we can hope for is that it's all a plot by the so called deep state, encouraging him to make a complete f***k up of everything then impeach him at the last moment before some one presses the tit.

  3. Boris Johnson is an embarrassment to the country, now the other Bullingdon beauties have sodded off, one with his childish tail between his legs, the other trying hard to emulate blair's worship of mammon, he look in increasingly like a throwback and we would all be better off if he sodded off too.

    I had great hopes for Trump, those are now dashed.
    I'd be spitting mad if i was a US citizen because i would have voted for him.


  4. This is almost too timely to be true, I certainly hope it is true. It will leave the turncoat in the Whitehouse wiping egg off his face. Get a load of this..........