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Saturday, 22 April 2017

One Reason Alone Not To Vote Labour.

Their History.

Smiles behind their evil.


  1. My reason lies in one of the founders of the party:

    "No attempt at ethical or social seduction can eradicate from my heart a deep burning hatred for the Tory Party. So far as I am concerned they are lower than vermin." (Aneurin Bevan)

    I could never, ever support anything that is rooted in hatred.

  2. Radical but no Rodent, RR. Totally concur and given the hatred and venom from Corbyn's associates such as shown perpetuates that same endemic nastiness. Not that most if not all politicians end up in a similar vein.

  3. I'm fairly sure my first time of voting was to say NO to the common market.

    Since then i've voted in every election, never voted labour, i did vote for Thatcher in those days but once brother Scargill's predictions of the mine closures proved to be true, despite all the lies to the contrary i came to realise just what the tories were, they literally destroyed vast swathes of the country which could least afford it.

    In these latter years i found the three main parties to be, as George Galloway put it, three cheeks of the same arse, so for the past twenty years i've voted alternatively.

    Often enough even for the BNP, oh Lord should i have slipped the word 'Odious' in before those three letters now i'll never get a job at the BBC, when that much abused bunch of mostly genuine patriots (few were on side with what appeared to be a apartied policy of membership but could see the reasons why, mainly to stop infiltrators, i'll get to that in a mo), because the BNP at the time were the only people who spoke for our nation and people, there was almost no alternative for a patriot when being a patriot was unfashionable at best and a dirty word in practice, when multiculturalism was the clarion call of the day, all of the others were enthralled with further integration to the European Union, unlimited immigration (still going on and showing no signs of slowing) and filling their snouts at the trough, you couldn't get a fag paper between them.

    Eventually to the delight of the grand circus of self deceit the BNP self destructed.
    By the way, how's that multiculturalism working out folks.

    Then UKIP started to rise, helped no doubt to rise from the ashes by support from previous nationalist voters, ironically UKIP were the only party to proscribe ex BNP members, understandable as Farage was desperate not to give the usual violent leftie organisations and their media pals any more ammunition.

    Irony being, UKIP let in just about anyone else, and this has proved to be their undoing (and why the nationalists didn't let in just anyone) as they willingly recruited many Trojan horses who have done their best to destroy UKIP from within, Carswell the most obvious, and i'm amazed that Farage was taken in by the man.

    So, i decided, as i'm fed up to the back teeth with the bloody lot of them, that this was going to be the first election i would ignore completely and sit out.

    However, Teresa Cameron, now sexed up in high heels and lippy, has almost guaranteed the present ridiculous GDP linked foreign aid budget, that's the final straw for me, not sure who i'm going to vote for, UKIP is my natural party but it still seems hell bent on destroying itself, and without Farage it's like a ship without a rudder.

    The Tories i suspect are running scared of the CPS not doing as they are told and actually daring to prosecute up to 30 sitting MP's or agents for alleged expense 'irregularities' at the last general election, which strangely seems only yesterday.
    So much for the word of Teresa Cameron re no snap election, you couldn't trust a word Cameron uttered and from this moment on i can't believe a word May the Remainer says either.

    So, who will i vote for, haven't decided yet, it won't be for the lib lab con, just not sure there's anyone else worth the time of day strolling up to the polling station for, but vote for someone other than the tory party i shall.

    Thankyou Mrs May, you have revived my voting energy.

    Sorry for being probably in total disagreement with you here Rightie.



  4. I concur and agree with Judd.

  5. Listened to Bliar on the radio and he's promoting tactical voting with lib/lab. Not that either of those would ever get my support, but a simple rule of thumb for me would be listen to what the war criminal is saying then do the exact opposite and you won't go far wrong.
    Unless one is living in an area where UKIP has a proven good chance of winning I would think that Brexit is far too important a subject to throw away ones vote on a pointless protest against the tories.
    The tories may not be liked or even trusted but at present they are the only tool in the box. I propose that they be used this once and then discarded when they have served their purpose.
    What if May sells us short? Well it's a chance that's worth taking, whatever she comes up with I doubt if it could be worse than what the lib/lab coalition would betray us with.

  6. Dear commentators firstly my warm thanks for reading my little blog and for kindly posting. I fully agree with the sentiments posted by Judd, too. The establishment is a mighty and very corrupt beast. One wounded by we little folk but roaring back with Cump and may's words in public totally used to cajole and fool.

    They also feel that UKIP has been neatly castrated and with Corbyn a sad, if conviction politician, Brexit looks weakened as a delivery we all hoped for.

    The same secretive forces are now likely to marginalise Marine Le Pen in favour of a nice little shoe in of a wanker, sorry, banker. However the pan is still bubbling and will ere long boil over when the next calamitous economic crash arrives.

    The fight will go on.