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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How Brainwashing Works.

As Discussed Here Yesterday.

This morning as the death toll rises to 14 in Saint Petersburg the signs of solidarity throughout the world for all humanity is shown for the selective manner it is exploited. Unlike "Je Suis" crocodile tears and flag superimposing, Berlin Union Jack on the Brandenburg Gate and The Eiffel Tower lighting up for other atrocities, for the children and others slaughtered in Russia..............

For the Russian people an ocean of icy hypocrisy.

We Give More Succour To The Islamic Barbarians Than The Russian People. Why?

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  1. Why?

    Because our elected leaders do not speak for us, they speak for those they represent who fill their trouser pockets with the only thing they care about.

    I have no doubt that the Russian people, under fine leadership of a real genuine patriot, won't need meaningless words from our pointless politicians.

    Those who carried out this atrocity, and their supporters and backers, will wish in due course they hadn't got involved, and i offer the Russian people my sympathy for their losses and my full support in dealing with the guilty scum in the only suitable way.