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Thursday, 20 April 2017

General Election

Seven Weeks Of BBC Corbyn Output.

What a delightful post the Brexit leave victory to have a PM able to slap down the remoaners and then some. Despite the debacle of pollsters abject incompetence, hype and media propaganda overdrive funded by Soros, there is to be a likely even more decisive slapping for The establishment. 

Not least the Mandarin self interested class. One "casualty already gone. I suspect the manner The PM plays her cards close to her bosom and denies, wherever, possible some low life scag to leak big decisions and policies, is a lesson she has learnt well. 

Not only is this well kept mother of all bombshells lobbed on the likes of the BBC and their pals such as Mandlescum and the EUSSR traitors to Britain it's going to have spoilt the summer long sojourning and posh holiday plans of many MPs. So far I'm reluctantly pleased with her tenure. A massive improvement on her predecessor and man who was a great disappointment and an undeserving winner in 2015.

Apart from his wonderful referendum call though one done in the total belief and arrogance he would get the result he expected. What a "careful what you wish for" result there, eh, Dave? Unlike Mrs May, our boy trailed his intentions and orchestrated desired "leaks" to influence others in a manner of absolute superiority. That Mrs May wiped the floor with her announcement with a plethora of dirty toe rags from every corner of the anti-people brigade so wonderful to behold!

As for the risks involved, oh please! A reported 24 point lead. At least over Labour. Gordon Nosepicker was said to be comfortable circa a 10 point lead and should have got a mandate at that level without supposedly much risk. Furthermore, sadly, UKIP looks dead in the water under Nuttall with many like myself prepared to give Mrs May a chance. Just hope she doesn't turn out like Chump, of course.

As for the spectacle of the BBC spending seven weeks trying to breathe life into a filet chevalin that is Corbyn's Labour Party, I will gain pounds in weight on popcorn fuelled watching! That or get face ache from grinning as they struggle to keep the defibrillator charged for the paddles to work.

Mind you, seven weeks of yet more of that tattooed old fart, Dimbledor will be tiresome (confirmed he's got the gig and last rights for Labour) but even he will be under huge pressure as the count unfolds and his mates get decimated. He'll need to work on that glum face that accompanied the Brexit exit poll, too. Maybe some teenager will be employed to wipe away the torrent of tears. I do hope so.

Finally don't despair as to the coming torrid weeks of electioneering. Unlike recent polls this should be a delightful canter, as long as the Tories keep some of their less attractive chinless wonders out of the way. Even better we may see Buffoon Boris demoted as soon as Tess goes back to her, now likely, long term abode. 

Then we can watch how she continues to sideline the remoaners and with luck terminate the extravagant pensions of has been EU apparatchiks. As for that Millar woman, who the fu*k does she think she is? Other than a highly paid emissary for the EUSSR and Soros sturmbahnfuhrers that is. 

A patsy and a poor one at that, for the despised Global elites running scared of people power. As with the referendum, the more these ghastly folk whinge and manipulate the more they antagonise the people. All of them a big plus for the leave cause. Not least because they really just "don't get it". Enjoy.

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  1. Agree that UKIP appears to be spent force, maybe Farage should have stayed on and built on the momentum of the referendum win. As you say May would seem to be the only show in town now, just wish I could muster some enthusiasm for her.
    Maybe I'm doing her a disservice but I've just got a feeling she'll try and palm us off with an ice berg Brexit, one tenth Brexit showing above the surface and nine tenths remain hidden below.
    Could even be a rerun of The pig molester's move, work out a really rotten deal (for us) with the eu then call a referendum on whether to accept it, and if that happens this time the sorros, bbc, snowflake, mongrels will all be well primed not to let we the ignorant masses win again.