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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Decline And Fall.

Of Western Culture.

My first observation in this post is the manner of how human greed and western culture is always dominant and an accusing finger of blame pointed solely at white cultures and nations. Their history related as if somehow the horrors found in Africa and the Middle East from time immemorial and very much perpetuated by Islamic despots and tribal butchers, never happened.

Initial colonisation and sadly conquest, in many cases, originated from curiosity and a more noble search for knowledge. Courageous and often fatal expeditions were common and worthy in as many cases as not. Greed and covetous lust for power and riches overtook the earlier noble and scientific motives. Sounds so familiar does it not for the present day, modern events post WW2.

However the worst possible outcome for any mass migration in search of "a better life" nearly always demands a genocidal necessity or at best the complete subjugation of any inconvenient indigenous people. North America a prime example. One now witness to an exact same process on the very lands the North American migrants chose to leave.

It is ironic that centuries of gross and deeply unpleasant conflict, involving every colour and hue of human beings, has only served to devalue the better sides of human nature. Religion nought but a vehicle of convenience to justify atrocity and murder on a grand scale. Like all weapons, inert unless activated by a menacing hand.

Still. look on the bright side. A nuclear holocaust could redress the huge overpopulation of humans on this planet and those few remaining have the pick of the resources still usable. One must only hope that the casualties will include many of those responsible for the destruction and awful world left after their tantrums have been exercised on.

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  1. Methinks "those few remaining" will be back in a stone age existence. If they survive at all, within a few generations all knowledge will have been lost and it will be a complete start from scratch scenario. First prize for anyone learning how to make fire, then wait another millennia or two for the bow and arrow. The wheel? Oh that'll come some time around when the radiation hotspots die down, what's that about 500 millennia.