Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Friday, 7 April 2017


Fall Guy Or Twat?

Remember Bush and Bliar and WMD? Our only hope is that Putin is as good as Trump is utterly stupid. I so wanted him to beat Clinton exactly because this ILLEGAL action is perfect for ISIS to take advantage of and what Clinton I expected to do.

Saudi cockahoop. Now Soros has Trump by the balls. Will Clinton now praise Trump's total backing for ISIS. What is he on? 

As I mentioned, only Putin can now save the planet from a frothing at the mouth idiot. Trump now a major weapon in the hands of the Global elite itching for a nuclear holocaust they believe only a chosen few will survive. As for Chump's total and ridiculous action, he has betrayed every human on the Planet who wanted him to have won. 

My scream yesterday was prescient. Mind you the likes of Boris Dick Waver and the EUSSR, Ha


  1. With you OR sounds like a false flag operation by the cousins or a close friend, sad for the people of Syria.
    Russia wants peace in the ME but the US does not so sabotage the effort.
    Assad was winning against ISIS without chemical agents, so it makes no sense to use them. The UN collected his chemical arsenal in 2014@

  2. I bloody give up.
    Has Trump been played, i had great hopes for he, now those hopes are wilting fast.