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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Nauseating Turds.

The Leftard Corporate Controlled Underlayer Of Wannabee Top Layer.

After the Supreme Awfuls decision to force a vote on Brexit and Article 50, I wonder if the ghastly toffs then got to manipulate the ridiculous Lords' amendment? Whatever, both the secretive chat behind the scenes of the real power brokers, i.e. the big money grubbers, together with the get Brexit and Trump stopped, to save our billions, goes on.

Note well the lack of any emphasis on the end of March sword of Damocles of control of Brexit given to the commissars in Brussels to further yield dictatorial influence. One of the very significant factors in turning the European people against this modern version of a Germanic Europe.

As for the House of Lords. One even more gigantic trough for many of them sucking our exchequer dry. Abolish it totally and create regional representational bodies all with a say of legislation and not members of the London mobsters. If the loss of this extravagant ego Chamber and expedient gifting of favours is to stay the ghastly place it has become, at least rename it House of deplorables.

When we stop to consider the placements in this expensive semi-retirement home for the Establishment, one denied the rest of us in order to fund the cretins there, it is a sickening list. The Kinnocks, Mandlesons, Heseltine, Prescott, Hattersley, patten but a handful of many pompous, arrogant smug and damaging individuals. Chakrabarti a more recent addition but fully qualified by virtue of her hateful hypocrisy.

We can but hope May is not playing ducks and drakes with the referendum majority. We can be certain the American non-democrats are running a terribly scared game against Trump. If the new administration gets a look at the previous one's secret files, we could be in for some spectacular surprises. No doubt the EUSSR is also nervous of what might be uncovered by a State no longer bound by club rules.

Certainly the effort to stop the triggering of Article 50 will not cease if it can help delay beyond 31st of March. Be warned and ready, once you've cleaned up the vomit these people engender in freedom loving leavers.



  1. I was appalled by the antics in the Lords. May has already said that she'd guarantee rights of EU citizens living in the UK provided there is a reciprocal agreement to protect UK citizens living in the EU. It was scuppered by Merkel who refused to discuss the subject until Article 50 was invoked.

    The Lib Dems who are disproportionately represented in the Lords are bowing to the sickening posturing of their hapless. leader.

    And as for Tebbitt being rounded on for daring to describe foreigners accurately - well I despair frankly...

  2. I guess we are witnessing the foot soldiers and mercenaries of the Establishment here and in the USA. Naturally part of the rag tag and bob tail minions of the Global elite which includes the EU Commissars.

  3. O/T again but just spotted this, hope the link will work..........

  4. What's wrong with Farage. He has what he wants and yet he still is putting the boot in to no effect whatsoever except thoroughly pissing off people we are about to negotiate with.
    Because it isn't over until it's over and his mindless braying at someone who, however we may see him, has a job to do.
    Farage's tired and repetitive insults are becoming boring, they wont make things any easier for the UK who does have to talk to those awful foreigners and they have been said before agin and again.
    He may be a god to some but he has tried to be areal politician and failed so many times that it must be clear that he does not speak for this country and likely never will.
    His opponent has been counted out and Farage is following him into casualty to give him a good kicking. What aprick.

  5. GB2 I'm rather glad Mr. Farage upsets you for your attitude appears to suggest you may most probably be a closet remoaner. My own humble opinion is that we need a few more like him, and I sense a slight breeze that could become a wind or hopefully a full gale of change, let us see what becomes of europe in the coming year :-)

  6. Article 50 was introduced by the Lisbon Treaty which becomes fully in force on 31st March 2017. By this I mean lingering rights of the Nice treaty are no longer applicable i.e. veto of certain competencies. Any member can invoke Article 50 and the negotiations have to be agreed by QMV and then ratified by the Parliament. There is no mechanism to prevent a member invoking it other than their own government. Negotiations can take up to 2 years unless an extension is unanimously agreed. So if we could get an agreement in a month we could leave in a month. The remoaners always talk as if the 2 years is a minimum. I imagine if John Redwood and Jacob Rees Mogg were negotiating we would be out by summer.

  7. I did not vote to go but I am not a remoaner or whatever is the latest stupid name for people who don't agree with you. I think Farage is pissing into the wind, no one is listening in the EU because he has no power so why does the fool keep insulting everyone to no purpose except to amuse the easily amused. He needs a new script
    It does seem to be that every time a brexit supporter talks about how clever they were to vote leave, the impending collapse of the EU figures largely in their argument. I suspect Farage has helped to perpetuate this dream but I cannot see it happening.
    Those 26 or so countries cannot let it and much of the world community including the financial organisations absolutely do not want it to collapse.
    Personally I wish we had never gone in but I don't think many people have any idea what this could cost us after the fat lady has ung and the hard realities have set in. Most of the yes voters were happy to believe the stories of a new Uk rising from the shackles of the evil Europeans, but they haven't seen jacksh1t yet.

  8. GB2, anyone considering the EUSSR as a blessing to the world conveniently forgets the misery wrought on Greece. As for the financial structure of the global system. Nought but a ponzi scheme that feeds off the lickspittles of unelected moguls. Including the apparatchiks in Brussels and their German masters. Until there is a deep seated change in western banking corruption, in or out of the EU will matter little in the next global crash.

    Albeit the UK might not be on the hook to the extent of last time.