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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mrs Prevarication.

She May Or There Again May She Not.

The dark shown in the picture illustrates where I am at on several matters just now. Not least after the tortuous goings on in Parliament over triggering Article 50. We still are waiting endlessly. I suppose the rise in beer and alcohol duty was meant to prevent us all drowning our sorrows at the state of our aimless, rudderless ship of state. Not that anybody appeared to notice this further tax on anything we might actually enjoy.

When Mrs May took the helm I doubted it would be possible to make any judgement call and have waited patiently to see how things might pan out. Unsurprisingly I sense the same old, same old, Sir Humphrey whispers. That as of  31st of March my understanding is as reported here, over at the Slog, many months back.

Now we are told that the 31st of March is to be the day. Yet given the stalling tactics, EUSSR funded, underhand woman types around what's to say some cooked up further court hearing won't be used to stop Article 50 notification on the day now telegraphed to all and sundry bent on sabotaging our departure.

I have been enjoying SS-GB and am very taken with much of the atmospherics and their reminiscent association with all things EUSSR. So far we have yet to experience the crackdowns, indiscriminate killings and physical terror of occupation. Yet if we aren't careful it won't be too long after Brexit is derailed before it becomes a reality.

Why, oh why, now it is available to the Woman is she still sitting on her hands. Right now she looks very much a "remainer" buying time. Watch this space. Might I suggest this Mrs Miller may yet become a Peer for her services to the EUSSR. She'll certainly be receiving tax free millions for her treachery to the British people is my supposition.


  1. Indeed, and wee Jimmie Krankie opened her bitter and humourless little trap just at the right moment to save Ms May from actually having to issue article 50, better timing than the vicar's trousers falling down in a Brian Rix farce.

    Do you know Rightie, i'm not so sure we'll ever get a Brexit worth it's name, we've already put our fishing waters up for negotiation again, deju bloody vue it's like traitor heath's decomposed bloody ghost has risen to haunt us once again.

    We've got UKIP on the ropes and has apparently suspended it's bankroller (good move that), the labour party probably about to ditch Corbyn and it wouldn't surprise me at all to see the libs and labour come to some sort of alliance and once Corbyn replaced by another Blairite...please don't let it be Lucifer himself again...stand as the two parties totally opposed to Brexit and promising another bloody referendum or to re-engage with the EU once elected.

    Three remainer-to-the-core parties and not an opposition or alternative in any sort of position to fight them, there are dark devious corrupt forces at work, i no longer know what to believe, and find my hopes fading fast, i see no one waiting in the wings.

    My dear wife, who's Greek by birth but as patriotic a Brit as you could find has maintained for years that we'll never get out, she has an uncanny way of being right about many things, she trust the whole lot of them about as far as she could throw them, and i can only hope and pray she isn't right here.

    Sir Nigel, we will yet need you more than ever.



  2. Think it will happen - she has a balancing act just now.