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Monday, 27 March 2017

Day After Day.

More Endless Outpourings Of Inadequates. 

Todays hectoring, lecturing, pompous, privileged, smug, minor Establishment moron is Starmer. A man steeped in our tax largess and another example of the EUSSR infected, self interested and moaning sore losers who epitomise the genuine common sense of most if not all those 52% (minimum) who vote leave.

What gives this now bloated, ageing rapidly, has been the right to make demands of us all as to what should be conditions, no doubt passed to him from Brussels and Berlin, for leaving that corrupt cadre of despots like himself?

What's with the "must meet" pomposity he expounds? He represents a Labour Party so at odds with itself it's rushing about even begging Bliar to get involved. A war criminal in all but conviction. A Labour Party with a government track record of bankruptcy, illegal wars and mass gerrymandering immigration "to rub the middle classes noses in multiculturalism", bloodshed failure.

Sure, the disgraceful and disgraced BBC are getting panic struck as Wednesday approaches. Yet if May does kick off Article 50 the BBC will not be alone in shedding tears. Furthermore, will the outcome be as we all voted for? Only time will tell.

Still, after Wednesday, maybe we could have a General Election to shut up anymore whingeing from the leftards and Tory self interest driven Heseltines and tobacco lackeys like Clarke. Now a Tory majority tempered by a UKIP presence in Parliament, without that other paragon of virtue, Carswell would do just fine. Add to that a depleted SNP and decimated leftard Labour crowd, we really could "make the UK Great Britain again"!

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