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Sunday, 26 February 2017

They Still Don't Believe We hate Them!

The Media Just Can't Understand Anything.

Here is a perfect example of the depths the liberal, leftard media stoops. As in the States so in Europe and the dearth of any decent UK news outlets. Despite all the bias and nastiness used by the corporate controlled smug but thick ponces like Boulton, Marr, mega rich Kirsty (S)Walk, et al, the fact that we, the ordinary folk distrust and loathe them along with their puppet masters just doesn't sink in.

When once I sat glued to news and politics I weighed the various pundits with a sense of reasonable scepticism but not the tripe that gushes forth these past three or four years. So bad has it become I really do switch of a good 90% of the rubbish masquerading as informative presentation. I do love irony, mind you. For example how both President  Trump and IRA sympathiser Corbyn get the same prying and constant negativity from the corporate mouthpieces as each other. Such is the ire and venom of the poor losers of brexit and Killary Clinton's lost billions of dollars of wagers.

So let us move to consider the pure, unadulterated and twisted awkwardness following Thursday's two byelections. Firstly the "historic" nature of the Copeland Tory victory. The shock was palpable the Labour excuses, in this one example, creme de la creme of spin . Plus nobody picked up on if this number had any significant value circa a gap of 2000 votes it was in Stoke.

The media continued their constant attack on UKIP, even after the vote was done. Yet even counting the lack of charisma of Nuttall and his lack of experience he, UKIP, halved Labour's' majority near enough. Indeed UKIP stopped what may well have been a Tory second scalp the two parties polling well over 50% of the turnout. So despite the hype and attacks on UKIP, they really did very well from virtually nowhere. That plus knocking the Tories into third place and boy wonder Farron out of the park!

As for the latest continuation of the post Brexit meme that one trick pony" UKIP are now an irrelevance, dream on. I am very sceptical the EUSSR divorce will happen as expected. If the Establishment of the rich and powerful use their power in ways still to be discovered, our once wonderful Country may still continue its awful decline into a bloody conflict of racial enforced division and desired Islamic terrorism. 

We see the signs writ large everywhere across Europe. Sweden now subsumed by frightening genocidal wishes of their invited guests. The same in Germany and elsewhere. The latest killing in Heidelberg claimed to be a bloke from a non migrant background. His Aryan face and blond hair plastered all over the press, you will note.

So, as the weekend draws to a close we can expect another five days of misinformation, bias and fake news ad nauseum. You would think it might alter a little. Don't bank on it.  

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