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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Sunday reflections

Let Us Begin.

The unsavoury pair above had hoped to be crowing with smug satisfaction if mr Donald Trump had not been such a brilliant strategist, anti establishment, media kicking hombre, prepared to put his money where his mouth is. Unlike those two Clinton grasping hypocrites putting other people's' dosh and Saudi "charity" donations in their trouser pockets. That alone is a huge plus for POTUS.

I'm only astounded as to the ignorant stupidity of the protesters more than contented to violently and destructive protest on behalf of a Soros backed cabal, of whom the pair above are worshippers on bended knees. Decades of abuse of ordinary people culminating in Uncle Tom Baz Obummer yet the streets are awash with ignorant nastiness against a new President more their saviour from global enslavement than they will ever understand.

We now have  US President putting Christian values before the misogyny of Muslim gross unpleasantness. The butchery, evil adherence to a faith so steeped in the worst atrocities, after the Nazis, our world has ever seen. The leftard, anti white racists of the West still seem to rejoice in any  any vehicle, even the dismembered, mutilated corpse vans, necessary to tidy the streets of Islamic ruled hell on earth slums. 

All acceptable and ignored by the kids of today as their dear friends in Muslim dominated cess pools ready their city streets for the next days festival of ghoulish, prurient public massacre of any brave souls dissenting the practices supposedly encouraged by faith". The only real religion the blood lust and obsession with cruel and vacuous treatment of females.

That awfulness lit with a brilliant and dazzling light of zero protest, nil sound of condemnation and the constant embrace of a political and media class more blind than any David Davis myopia with regards to Flabbot. Is it not a miraculous thing that this probable fake news spat gets acres of newsprint when put against the paucity of Rotherham, Oxford and Europe wide sexual abuse linked so plainly to Muslim migrant ignorant hordes? Is not the lack of demonstrations anywhere, for the terrible, stomach churning images of ISIS endless meat cleaving and gross torture across our internet also a strange phenomena?
Why is my loathing called islamophobia?

Now to the couple of minutes of Marr I barely managed this morning. 12 mins 05 in and rapidly son out again. Shabi a perfect example of a privileged minority allowed, as ever by marr, to spout utter tripe while he gazes on rapturously and preens his deluded irresistibility in his own mind, stroke frozen gaze of adoration for all things leftard and female.

When the awful gobshite claimed everybody in the UK was anti POTUS I almost smashed the TV but then turned the silly, immature ignoramus off. She was a perfect encapsulation of the very depth of endemic political intellectual cancer the BBC wallows in. Laura Perrins to her credit fought back well but her femininity against the strident bullying of Shabi, with the lascivious but demeaning Marr in her corner was this morning's sacrificial lamb.

It is hard to be so thrilled at President Trump's victory and the Brexit success for sensible, decent, ordinary people when the tidal waves of media horror and bias are now turned on full blast every second of fake news, across all channels, bar less so on Thank God we have the internet and can seek some comfort among normal people and have a go back at the children of the leftard damned!

In a similar vein we have the NHS diet of hand wringing manufactured made up rubbish. if Labour had not squandered billions on PFI, nurtured mass immigration and sold the UK out to the EUSSR the mess and debt would be much mitigated. All we have to endure from the media is a force fed and repetitive diet of anti government propaganda with nary a mention of the poor sods working in the organisation and doing such sterling work.

Behind closed doors the answers are there but kept secret. A form of privatisation is essential. Those able to pay for GP visits, hospital stay and prescriptions should do so. At the same time tax relief should be a given. As for social care for the elderly, raising money for care should be the responsibility of individuals and their families. it used to be.

One issue never discussed when the clowns, masquerading as pundits and or politicians, are trotted out, is in pushing for self reliance you are potentially depriving heirs of any legacies. That's also easy. Let them earn it by caring.  Too many kiddy snowflakes expect a lifetime of careless profligacy to be followed by someone else picking up the tab down the road.

It has been my lifetime's witness that self reliance has early on, post war, been regarded as not a vote winner. Why that has been dumped as a policy idea and mass immigration regarded as an imported ballot fodder good idea is now very much a bad way to go. How much worse it is yet to be we cannot know but Mad Max is a scary insight.

Enough for now. I am fortunate to have carved my later years from a difficult background and despite the tone of my blogging it is borne of a great satisfaction for my life today.. One it saddens me to know is becoming ever rarer outside a privileged elite. One so powerful they can mobilise their victims to protest the rise of any gainsayers or "populist" uprisings. Let us pray France and Holland can land a couple more blows on those who would rule over us with an Islamic army of fearful terrorists doing their bidding.

On a similar but lighter note and thanks to RAC.


  1. The best thing to do with the idiot box in the corner is to hit the off button, its been several years now since we watched mainstream news on the television and i barely hear any of the propaganda broadcast via radio, in fact we haven't watched a normal television program or broadcast for a long time, alternative news sources provide such a variety of news that one can judge for ones self what the truth is by balancing one lot against the other.

    Haven't bought a newspaper for well over 30 years either.

    By far the best thing to do with propaganda, and i decided years ago that 90% of what the MSM told us was biased opinion altered reporting, so, simple answer, don't listen to it read it or watch it.
    Allowing yourself to make your own mind up is quite liberating.


  2. My good friend, Judd, your input and comments to my blogging efforts are, as ever, most welcome. As for your disciplined "off" switch and newspaper avoidance, most commendable and realistic. For myself, after Brexit and President Trump euphoria, the Nazi collaborator Soros funded diatribes, Branson, Murdoch and Rothschild led manipulation of their created and controlled snowflakes has become so blatant, ignorant and vengeful, I too am losing any interest in their media mouthpieces.

    I shall continue some attention, however. The growing number of foolish, comedic outpourings are getting more entertaining and impotent and in that is some fun to be had. Not least when their beloved leftard brigade thrash around like "Dad's Army" in the modern era on speed. Fuelled, more often as not, by coke habits ,as opposed to the bottles of yesteryear. Mind you even at their most prolific heights of stupidity and comedy, I can bear no longer very much of them., in the main, a more sane offering!

  3. As I understand it, a phobia is an irrational fear – but any wise person should realise that fear of Islam is certainly NOT irrational.

  4. Another point is that we have been assured that minorities are but a small proportion of the population (“only” 15%; “only” 5% black… yada yada…), yet, watching the BBC, there is INEVITABLY at least one black face on the screen! By BBC demographics, blacks must be around 60% of the population. Oddly enough, the largest number of immigrants are of Oriental origin, but they do not seem to be quite as ubiquitous on the small screen.

  5. "I'm only astounded as to the ignorant stupidity"

    Jesus fucking Christ.

    Or more relevantly, Allah.