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Monday, 6 February 2017

Hold The Front Page.

The Most Powerful Cuckold Dwarf On Earth Has Spoken.

Bercow is the one in the middle.

How such devious, cunning inadequates get into top positions is beyond me. However it does go someway to explaining the state of The West of modern days. It tells us that letting representatives have power over us with little, or at least barely known traits and total lack of empathy with the general public, have so destroyed our centuries of evolvement through two world wars.

Bercow, a burk indeed, is but one example of a political class who, in the main would never have been successful outside of career politics. He epitomises a class full of pompous piety and self deluded narcissism. A man with an ego which towers feet above his stature and the mind of a little man struggling to get attention. Every bit of his demeanor screams "me, me , me.

Thus his utterances against a democratically elected POTUS demean us all not least himself. He is waving his little tantrum driven finger wagging perceived maco pinkie already diminished by the behavior of his dreadful spouse. I dread to think of the "men" she has waded through not least members of the idiots own family. That she was or is trying to the small minded idiot something obviously escapes him.

All I can say is if he's happy to tolerate his wife's behaviour that's his affair. Insulting the President of The United States as an overpromoted and very lucky, closet leftard, is our business. He should be sacked right now and lose all his perks and pension entitlements he has never ever earnt or deserved, at my expense.

The NHS and Housing Crises.

The BBBC, (Biased BBC) and leftard controlled, Soros/Murdoch funded media both in the USA and here in the UK, are becoming ever more desperate. They seize on housing and the NHS as political footballs purely because it's perceived as a way to constantly denigrate any Government not Socialist. Never, however, do we have any mention of the married Mr and Mrs Jumbo stomping about their studios and the UK at large.

Just as the crime infested towns and cities, the terrible child abuse of white children, the FGM horrific abuse of their own girls and the Sharia abomination allowed to flourish, are all ignored, so are the twin signs of unsustainability never mentioned in context. That is the context of mass immigration.

The slums, homelessness, disease and extreme deprivation stalking millions of people in these blighted lands is only apparent by the "positive discrimination" oxymoron techniques used to cover up the growing terror coming to our streets ere long. The chatterati just cannot grasp that their cosy freedom to brand virtually all white people as evil, all coloured as saintly is soon to ignore their bleeding hearts and visit Islamic venom on all of us.

How will these leftard cretins report the hurling of LGBT signatories from skyscrapers, the treatment of men in hospitals before any women. Be they women writhing in agony from rape and abuse or bleeding to death after genital mutilation. What will it take for these fools in privileged, ivory towers to wake up?

Twitter, Facebook et al are awash with examples of Islamic brutality everywhere their creed of misogyny and horror is uppermost. That includes places like Rotherham, Oxford and pretty well every major town and city in The UK. Yet rarely reported, ignored in Parliament, Holyrood and The Welsh Assembly. Every member of these now weak and failing places nought but Emperor's violinists. Lord help us all but mostly our young, white female children.


  1. Superb writing! I totally agree with everything you wrote. The question is what can we do about it? Apart from voting UKIP I don't know what to suggest, but we the plebs are at war with the elites, politicians and big business. Drain the swamp!

  2. Agree wholeheartedly - I am a UKIPER loud and proud!! We must keep on keeping on - grind them down...


  3. Great post OR, I do despise that little s**t he's an embarrassment to the country. Think someone has proposed a vote of no confidence/dwarf throwing contest.

  4. If I may be excused for going off topic this may raise a smile..........

  5. Thank you all, as ever. The link is superb, RAC. "Which 7 countries are on the ban?" " I'm too busy protesting to know!". Magic, thank you.