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Sunday, 19 February 2017

At Last.

Some More Sensible Consideration Of Russia.

I am presently enjoying a R4 programme "The Pull Of Putin".  Such splendid reporting without the usual bias and sycophancy to the Establishment normally associated with the leftard dominated BBC.

I hope a large number of people listen to this programme and realise that a more pragmatic, grown up rapprochement to Russia would, or at least could, improve the lot of many millions of people across the Planet. Particularly in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Add to this a removal of the CIA billionaire placement in Kiev, discussed here.
Revisit the Crimean people and determine where they wish their allegiances and flag should lie. Plus remove the warmongering rhetoric and stupid, nose spiting visages of sanctions beloved of the EUSSR unaffected personally despots bureaucrats and what's not to like?

Which scenario do you Prefer?

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  1. No question in my case, locked into a war right now. Crimea is Russian. From 1447 to 1779, it was Ottoman Khanate, then Russian again. In '53, Kruschev gave it to Ukraine as a brother to mind. Then the Ukraine EU and NATO turned hostile and Crimea wanted back with Russia.