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Friday, 3 February 2017

Another Candidate For Stupid.

Cnut Of The Month.

Judging by this guys pronouncements recently, I don't think he knows Obummer's off playing golf and checking out retirement plans. No wonder the Speaker Dwarf had observations. The EUSSR, aided and abetted by the old US administration now gone, had a powerful need to isolate and ridicule Russia and their President Vladimir. The reasons very dubious, if morality was supposed to trump reality, where peace is concerned.

After years of Assad awful, anyone else perfect, if taking American money to keep terror and war stoked in Syria, we have a more sensible view coming out of The Whitehouse. Pragmatic and weary of war. Obama's corporate war record and market places for weapons. So one would hope that a potential rapprochement with Russia would, particularly in Syria, be a very large light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel.

All that notwithstanding and the latest EUSSR nuding of the crooks installed in Kiev, every Nation on earth if rich enough, spies on others. That a major weapon of the modern age is cyber led is naturally no surprise. What is boringly predictable is the "holier than thou" of people like Fallon.

I suspect the fool even believes the nonsense that Putin annexed Crimea. Note this quote,
"Crimea has historically never belonged to Ukraine," said Golovan, who is 48. "We want historical justice. This is an exclusively Russian city. It was and will remain so." It's origin from this link from 2014, a meme suppressed in western media. That a senior duffer like Fallon continues the constant propaganda and bear poking over Ukraine is very worrying.

Finally, with regard to cyber war and so forth, I  wonder if Fallon knows what lies in this building below and how it not only spies on every other Nation of the Planet but also on its own citizens. probably to dumb to know. Or thinks its Wembley. 

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  1. My son greatly appreciated a T shirt I gave him a few years back
    The motto read
    "GCHQ - always listening to our customers".

    Of course, we are only customers in the sense of paying for it.
    HMRC sometimes refer to taxpayers as customers but
    real customers have the option of taking their custom elsewhere.