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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Time Is Drawing Near.

When Obummer Vacates His Luxury Pad.

I, for one, will be glad to see the back of him. 8 years in which the world has flirted during his Killary Clinton's failed and dismal election campaign, with a nuclear face off with Russia. Years of arrogant dismissal of anything remotely critical of his beloved Muslim pals in ISIS. years of hypocrisy as he in full, plain site lectured the British electorate not to vote for Brexit.

Years of his dead hand on the once peaceful coexistence of the Syrian people to satisfy the corporate greed of American arms dealers, manufacturers and crooked bankers. How sweet to see him dragged crying from the limelight. No doubt to follow the Clintons' path to great wealth via crooked foundations and fake charities. As fake as his news manipulations.

Today's rubbish from "Buzzfeed" a last pathetic attempt to scupper the incoming Administration. We can but pray it fails. A world with America as partners, not adversaries, of other powers prepared to reign back on decades of interference and meddling that has ruined so many millions of lives. The one great fear being that Trump might fall to the same nastiness which did for kennedy.

Should Trump stay safe and make his date with High office, in just nine days time we might all be in for a far better eight years of common sense than Obummer has managed. Only time will tell. Furthermore we can, in the meantime, laugh loudly at the Streep/Cumberbach luvvies so fond of spitting in our faces like the playground play actors they are!

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  1. Obama.........A lingering bad fart, open the windows he'll soon be gone.
    Actors and singers.......
    Actors make a living pretending to be some one else, interestingly enough so do con men and fraudsters.
    Singers make a living producing melodious sounds, so do sparrows, song thrush, sky lark etc.