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Monday, 16 January 2017

Such Fun.........

Trevor Phillips On Baz.

I make no apology for featuring this nastiness once more

This rude and ignorant yesterday's man, full of racist bigotry should, if he has one jot of a brain cell, regret so very much this nastiness churned out to a public gathering happy to go along with a lack of decency that even back then was shameful. He's not laughing now.

Not only that the respected Trevor Phillips rubbished Obummer's legacy in The Sunday Times yesterday,  showing forensically how more racially divided the USA is today than it was eight long years ago. One cannot help but hope the many, many sycophants at that gala dinner now see the ludicrous folly of their attitudes and rudeness.

Not least as, in a few hours time, or three days or so, President Elect Mr Donald Trump becomes President. How embarrassed if not downright petrified must be all those, in America and abroad, who so readily joined in with Obummer's bullying, childish, cowardly performance back in 2011.

However the likes of the EUSSR, the pretend leftard, faux bleeding heart socialists and their cheerleaders such as Streep and that gross Cumberbach have most to fear. That is if, as I suspect will happen, President Trump helps put the world back on its feet. Particularly if he joins Vladimir to denounce all violent and armed groups across the Planet as no more than anti democratic terrorists. Then those so happily ready to condone the atrocities in Yemen, Iraq, Libya and Syria will be exposed and seen as naked in their hypocrisy.

In a similar vein the Gove meeting with The President Elect caused a stir of anxiety. Not least in the ranks of the tattered reputations of the BBC moronic news rooms. Now their fake news and unconfirmed reporting as factual tricks and unpleasant bias is so very obvious, they look evermore beaten and dilapidated. 

Much the same applies to the deservedly on the rack Merkel. Then there is the NATO issue. As the real sabre rattling continues, right up to the inauguration, with thousands of American troops and tanks needlessly and expensively shipped out to Poland, to stir up as much as possible the aggressive pot for the new President to sort out, nobody points out the stupidity of this move. Any similar move by Putin to counter EU aggression, such as in Ukraine is vilified. yet when Khrushchev looked to put missiles into Cuba we flirted then with nuclear holocaust.

If Clinton had won that election I suspect we would be in even greater danger of escalation in Ukraine and on the Eastern European borders. She determined to follow Baz's idiocy and personal vendetta against Vlad out of a hidden agenda of spite and arms dealing opportunities. By the way, where is the Witch? Roll on Friday.

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  1. I find it hard to disagree with what you say. Clinton would have been a liability at best and a disaster at worst. The Donald might actually get things done - a summit with Putin, a trade deal with the UK. What's not to like?

    Even the great Mexican wall is splitting opinions amongst the Hispanics, many of whom want to see illegal immigration stopped. The watchword here being 'illegal'