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Saturday, 7 January 2017


Post Bug Fighting!

I've had a fabulous though irritating festive season. One of those bugs which seem defeated then bites your bum as you seek normality. Well the always present and nurturing Mrs OR has me virtually back to normal. Despite her own travails.

Which brings me to the first of my musings for this post. The NHS. The good old, caring, majority loving, sensible and unbiased shiites of the BBC continue their daily mud slinging at the NHS. The Daily Fail joins in. Neither stop to think of the debilitating and disgraceful betrayal of the massive legion of staff involved. Given its status as the fifth largest employer in the world and its role as a political football, always up for a good kicking, there will be a fair few pieces of detritus employed.

As in the rest of the UK government employee millions. Not least those troughers and arrogant morons at the very top such as this cretinous and nasty bloke, Sir of course, Ian Rogers, knighted for self service to arrogant superiority. Be interesting to see where his next tranche of millions will be obtained.

So as the meeja continue their barely disguised venom for a Toryish Government, by screaming blue murder at the impossible task of funding a global health service, we must forgive their total lack of intelligence for not equating the ever constant mass immigration, never catered for in financial planning, ever. As Blinky Balls continues his quest for a personality supported by BBC and media exposure as a fabulous character, surely time and space to acknowledge the millions of immigrants, yet to put a penny into the health system, is worthy of ignoring. What's a few billion plus here or there. Blink's promotion to take on Corbyn so much more important.

Indeed we need to borrow to the hilt and beyond the gushing haemorrhage of our GDP to fund an Ethiopian bunch of (front folk) girls . Who really would seriously believe that's where this vast fortune really goes? More likely to their madames and pimps. Still, hey, it looks so sweet on Camoron's conscience jar of balm. Rarely if ever needed of course.

President Elect Trump.

So far so good. Not only a man of the people but seemingly a bloke with some common sense and cajones not seen for many years in the West. After a vicious campaign against him by the very corporate scum who ran a global attack to defeat Brexit, he gave as good as he got. Lambasted for having a surplus of testosterone. Lectured by a loudmouthed , gross, corrupt and hateful harridan, hell bent on emasculating her dreadful Billy Goat's lifetime of fornication. The might of billions of taxpayers' money, corporate donation cash cows and the corrupt Clinton Foundation Laundromat thrown into the ring. Then to realise that the referees and judges in this bare knuckle fight were the American Intelligence service bosses, no doubt promised millions by their Scumbag Commander in Chief and head of the Islamic Western Ayatollahs, good old Baz Obummer.

Indeed it was probably Baz's loathing for the Christian Putin that some clever dick (in every sense) staffer suddenly suggested "hey guys, why not push a meme that Trump and Putin are in alliance to take over the USA?). Once that was adopted away they went. So wrapped up in their own bubble wrap they just couldn't see how powerfully they were loathed. Only Trump offered change. His billionaire status as a man embracing the American dream overwhelmed the worn, tired manipulation employed by a media discredited and no longer trusted or believed. With significant reason.

So, as inauguration day approaches, the frenzy and wailing by the sore losers has got ever louder. On a dossier, even dodgier that Saddam's WMD and one which cost an ordinary man and millions of others their lives, blame for Killary Clinton's and her bankrollers' loss and the billions staked on a victory so sweetly denied the dregs of a once great society, is laid at Russia and Putin's door. Regardless of the fact that if they were hacked it shows how lax and pathetic their email security was.

Yesterday the same discredited pundits still banged on as though none us are worthy of an opinion of our own. Not one Western media clown, I'm being polite here, stopped to question the ridiculous statements and reports pouring out of Obummer's sycophants. That these utterances are credited with the label of intelligence beggars belief. 

Screen shots from video games, Clinton's use of none government secure resources for emails, her weak approach to all things Russian and Putin, with never a shred of irrefutable proof would be laughable, if it were not for the stakes being so high. Not so funny, in my humble opinion, was yesterday's outcome from meetings held at Trump Towers with those discredited arse lickers from the CIA, FBI and NSA.

The President Elect refused, as has Vladimir, to engage with these childish carryings on. These words should drive a huge nall in the Democrats already rotten coffin. Let's get real. Every nation on the planet seeks political and commercial secrets, wherever they can be found. The so called cold war of the past cost a lot of warm blood to be spilt. No more so when intelligence gathering got desperate and things seemingly were running away from one side or another. So what if Putin preferred a Trump win? Many millions of Americans did too. Obama came to London to order the British electorate to not vote leave. Did anyone see Vlad on CNN urging the Americans to vote for Donald?

A more open diplomatic way of running the tide of human affairs is long overdue. The soft underbelly of corporate, political and overfed Western supremacy, to the benefit of a few and the cost of many, has to end. No smoke without fire? A rapprochement with Russia and America would be an ideal beginning. The pulling of the EUSSR's somewhat farcical claws won't go amiss, either.

So, I have mused enough. I'll close with a couple of images. Have a great weekend.


  1. Superb Rightie, one of your very best, the whole rotten cabal summed up for all.
    Carry on Mr Trump, and carry on ignoring the present baiting Mr Putin, when the dust has settled from whatever obummer's final toys out of pram throwing session reveals, those two can sit down like the adults they are and put some common bloody sense back into world affairs.

    As for obummer, hope the door doesn't hit his arse on the way out.



  2. Your writings get better and better OR, Global Health Service Oh dear me, but the BBC keep saying it's all the fault of too many old people, was making me feel quite guilty for being here......NOT.
    Prior to the wikileaks exposure of Podesta's emails who would have dreamt they would expose such a trove of controversial information, not me anyway. It just made me wonder if the person who leaked/hacked them did it just on the off chance of a lucky strike or, being an insider already knew they were pay dirt.