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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Media Now Really Into Fake Everything.

President D J Trump Will Have His Work Cut Out To Stop The Media Corporate Slaves.

Just look first and closely at this picture. Particularly at the very top and in the distance.

Now the meme pushed by much of the sore loser crowd is shamefully jumped on by the Daily Fail and others using some pretty underhand trickery.

There are varying statements as to when the pictures are taken. The bare, white spaces in the "Trump" picture is made up of quite a large expanse of canvas tenting! The picture also taken on the right is known to be several hours before the oath was to be taken.

As for the depth of real unpleasant nastiness we have to carefully note this typical and downright gross and very ignorant, classless innuendo. from deranged and addled coke head "feminists". This feminist movement but a crowd of men hating idiots frustrated and abandoned by relationships gone sour, if ever any at all. Add into the mix the weakness of the leftard, barely male psyches on the one hand lusting after beautiful women and on the other hand inadequates incapable of wooing any half way lovely female. Males steeped in the envy of others and so wrapped up in their own bitterness, cruel savagery all they can manage.

Those same men often represented by the Islamic creed of misogynistic fervour to match their paedophile prophet's tendencies and "guidance". Men who are ignored by these erstwhile loser feminists and allowed to rampage their barbaric lust across the Western world with not a peep from this crowd of female creepy weirdos. Long may President Trump reign and subdue the harridans and spawn of the witches in Macbeth.


  1. You all can vote against Sore Arse here, though it seems his evil influence may have affected the site as the count doesn't seem to be going up, still it's worth a try and pass the link on please.


  3. IT must be getting hard for you to decide whether to move to the US or Russia?

  4. Anonymouse, better led than any EUSSR dump right now. Yet I'd take a lot of persuading to leave my beautiful Marches.