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Monday, 30 January 2017


Our Donald Didn't Have The Popular Vote.

The Leftard "community" is in full flow. The irony of their backing funds coming from the Soros like global elite, hell bent on using any methods available, such as ISIS and muslim terrorists, escapes the addled idiots led from Hollywood and the bleeding heart victimhood movements.

Corbyn paraded in virtual tears by the BBCFN, British Broadcasting Fake News. Chakrabarti put into the mix as the present day face of hypocrisy and an understudy for the succession to Flabbot as the Queen of Hot Air double standards. All of those wetting themselves and gnashing their molars over a President who is sticking to his promises.

Promises made in the face of all out vitriol from the global elite led by Soros and fronted by Killary and the Saudi millions laundered through the Clinton Fake Foundation charity. Give me a break. Obummer's election garnered zero condemnation yet his 8 year rule has been a disaster and not once has there been justifiable criticism or unbiased observation from a media steeped in blood as much as their political friends and masters.

The mood music of cooperation and common sense over the possible relationship with Russia is ignored or, as ever, condemned out of hand because it hurts the arms dealers and their terrorist clients. The demonstrations go on unabated and with the kind of ridiculous faux passion seen in the less educated corners of the Planet. The enemy "common sense" and democratic rule.

Now the cretinous and duped fools and their idiots in the MSM are bleating over The President's State visit. Get real. He is the President of The United States first and Donald Trump second. Tell you something else. He'll be better mannered with Maj than Baz ever was. 

As for his rapprochement with Vladimir. Long overdue and delayed only by the Muslim occupation of The White House. If sanctions get lifted millions will benefit across America, Russia and Europe. The chance of a lasting peace in Syria and elsewhere will be enhanced, too. Millions of potential more refugees calmed by a powerful alliance of great powers with more to gain for us all than anything since 9/11.

This reality, however seems to be too much for the millions who feel hard done by their funded candidates, in their coats of many differing shades of lying and treachery to the human race, losing in the face of democracy. Still the childish and ignorant petulance we are witnessing we must shrug over. After decades of "nanny knows best", spoon feeding of the infants, it will take a good few years for any maturity of the whingeing snowflakes to grow up.

Even then any success and peace emanating from the new President and a to be prayed for reduction in the misery of conflict, will never be realised by the millions of Mizaru, Kikizaru and Iwazaru out there in our overpopulated, oversensitive, fellow creatures. Let us expand on that.

See no evil shown in this link, None so blind, would you say?

Hear no evil likewise,  None so deaf as will not listen.

Unless this deluded behaviour can be reversed we are all destined for a pretty dreadful time on this earth. I've left out the Rotherham racist and lust driven abuse of children, the awful and authority condoned abuse across Europe, bereft of marches and condemnation by those weeping over their democratic defeats. 

It seems the Soros wealth poured into the Eloys against President Donald Trump is not anywhere to be found in supporting the victims of decades of, mainly immigrant led, abuse and crime. Rape slowly being turned into acceptable behaviour in the manner of acceptable paedophilia. Horrific attitudes. I am at a loss as to which is worse. Those poor kids or the lack of any decent protest and consideration. Mizaru and his two brothers would be so proud.


  1. I'm just enjoying it all so much at the moment. Think major blockages are in the pipeline - note the Dems won't grant cabinet picks.

  2. re Trump and the snowflakes. Sign this :

    ‘Donald Trump should be invited to make an official State Visit because he is the leader of a free world and U.K. is a country that supports free speech and does not believe that people that appose our point of view should be gagged.’

    This is growing very quickly (8000 + added in last hour, over 125,000 at time of writing).

  3. The "leftards" are, I would think, made up of a hard core of irredeemable globalists leading a whole generation of the politically ignorant, indoctrinated by an education system infiltrated by a globalist fifth column. Unless one is lucky enough to live out in the wilderness or out at sea one rarely experiences complete darkness at night, astronomers call it light pollution. Going from a brightly lit environment into complete dark will leave you blind for a while and vision impaired for twenty minutes or so. I offer this simile as an explanation for the total mindlessness of the anti Trump demonstrations we are experiencing now. Having been reared in and knowing no other than the globalist left wing dogma the leftards are experiencing, with Trump, blinding reality. They are disorientated and and confused, hopefully in time they will be able to readjust to the real world. This explains why the likes of soros and his fellow gobalists, the fake MSM and politicians of a globalist persuasion worldwide are rabidly against Trump, for if they cannot stop him soon they know they it is over for them.

  4. Such kind comments, gentlemen, from fellow scribes I'm humble to learn read my mutterings. Thank you all warmly. Indeed all my readers are so very kind. few if any leftards though!

    RAC, I live in a small village with glorious night skies ensuring we are always bathed in gentle and natural light on many evenings. Not the glare of the lefts' watchtower floodlights which, as you rightly point out blinds them.

    Diocles, petition signed and I too note its rapid rise and probably more honest provenances.

    James, yes it's great times to be a conservative and well right of centre pragmatist on the human condition! Mind you I note today the latest leftard meme and EUSSR straw clutching surrounds how long our departure is likely to be. I pray they are as wrong, as they always are to date.