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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

A Welcome Scalp.

Interesting Resignation By A "Sir Humphrey".

I wonder why these people are always so insufferably dull in appearance? Once that ghastly man, Camoron, nominated his man, before sodding off stage left, it was obvious it was a petulant and unhelpful act. That he's now quit should be, unless there is something, as often is the case, we don't know, a welcome departure. Not least because of the cynical and infantile manner of his appointment.

I must also remark on the number of these people who get knighted for just doing their job. Often work done badly, without any accountability and with a smug arrogance for the people who pay for their secure, highly lucrative and obscene pension packages. Men whose only real effort goes into playing office politics for their own ends.

That we still suffer these cretinous and privileged elites is a disgrace. That their number has been increased through EUSSR membership and taxation is even worse than suffering their National failings. No doubt he will be eying up one of those lucrative, deeply immoral Government agency posts somewhere.

For a topical example we should cast a despairing eye over this crowd. A limited company stuffed with mates, as ever. Not only that linked to reportedly £11.4 million quid trougher and his cronies, Sir Malcolm Rifkind "I don't blink for less than a few thousand quid" among their dubious members but this once deeply embedded lackey, a man appointed to lay waste to menial clerks in government whilst flitting from one major salary to another sanctioned by Government movers and shakers in Whitehall.

I know many shrug their shoulders and say that's the way things are and always have been. I respond by saying it's still immoral and often borders on criminality. As does the gross arrogance of ever rising MP salaries and expenses still untamed and way higher than when the scandals broke years ago.

We can only pray the hits to these cartels of self entitled, smug and arrogant taken in 2016 will continue. Trump might well be a refreshing change but I have my doubts and fears Brexit will deliver. Especially when this scandalous foreign aid scam goes on shelling out many, many millions to consultants just to meet Camoron's targets of 0.7% of GDP. 

That despicable ambition totally at the expense of our own National poverty. NHS struggling to cope, care for the elderly more like Nazi concentration camps. A constant stream, or rather flood of migrants with no real knowledge of those leeching off the State. Scare stories still likely to be underestimating the real figures. 

So, as this Sir Ivan slopes off and Camoron salivates over a huge salary as de facto NATO fall guy and new Putin baiter, (Lord help us), we can but pray that this Battle of The Bulge by the Establishment fails more easily than that fought by the Germans after D Day. Such as Merkel thrown to the wolves, the EUSSR implode and Marie Le Pen begets a new Bastille day!


  1. "Applause". Very well said as always.

  2. Brilliant post OR, as ever a pleasure to read. Now regardless of of what all the clever people are saying, what's happening on the ground tells the true story.
    "Number of Eastern European migrants working in the UK surges since EU referendum"
    Why is that? Because those real people on the ground in europe know and experience that it is a total bag of shite.

  3. Hear hear Sir. Tis enough to make me cynical. Luckily I have only one good eye (and a slightly dodgy liver), the other is jaundiced like the liver. I will maintain a steady monocular, if glazed stare, on those who deign to serve. Sadly what you state is verity itself. Continue to rail at the 'god's, mayhap one day we can tie them to a rail. Now wouldn't that be a thing?