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Monday, 23 January 2017

A Potent POTUS.

Great Start!

How the image behind Sean Spicer can be so readily ignored by CNN and their soros backers is beyond me. As the war between The President of The United States and the organs of the whingeing old Establishment kicks into post phoney and real, bitter hand to hand combat, my money's on The President!

Firstly because the years of fake news, total bias and downright nastiness shown throughout and since the election is purely more of the same Orwellian propaganda now justly discredited. Then allow me to mention this nugget of deliberate lying by omission with regard to Syria.

This historic meeting, frosty or not is a major step forward. Turkey now very much under the influence of Russia. Virtually all of the crowd sucking up to Mohammed Obummer now sidelined. We can expect some serious stuff behind the scenes in the White House right now to support any solution leading to an end of the dreadful conflict. One hitherto stoked by the old, duplicitous and greedy arms dealers and Soros interests.

I also find it relative and very interesting that the UK GCHQ boss has walked away from his very lucrative job. Barely two years in the post! As for the "personal reasons" how about it's down to his meddling in the US election on behalf of Baz and the wicked witch and supervisor of her own Ambassadors murder and possibly horrific treatment? This may be a wild guess but if possible then, any moment now, it will be discovered how much the Brit Intelligence Heads were far more complicit in supporting the Killary and Soros funded evil than anything emanating from Russia.

I really believe the new President is in for some nasty surprises as to what was arraigned against him. A great deal more than we mere mortals funding it all will ever know. Unless The President chooses to tweet some of it! Naturally he will certainly be able to gain access to some of the carryings on with some powerful rewards and treats at his disposal to encourage any revelations.

It is also joyous to witness not just the emasculation of the tame media of old but some of the pathetic, deluded play actors, who may well see their status decline more rapidly than ever before. If , as looks very possible, this new President turns out to be great and hopefully unstoppable, the loss of photo ops by the "stars" with The President could lose them millions of dollars of publicity and a shrug of indifference from their once mass audiences.

To close this post I must mention, for my own delectation, the so called feminist demos. It seems that Soros has some 50 funded organisations world wide behind much of the organisation and preparation. Judging by the cardboard, hastily put together, placards, rubbish slogans, foul mouthed rhetoric and gigantic guts and arses on display, the whole thing was switched from celebrating Killary's coronation to a childish potty humour disaster! Still, if this is what we're up against, (God forbid),should be a breeze!


  1. Just been watching several youtube clips of the alt media attempting to interview the anti Trump protesters, they were predominantly young with no understanding of what the real arguments are, just some undefined grudge against society as a whole but unified by the msm lies which they themselves seem to have only a hazy knowledge off were it not for the meaningless chants.
    This clip is quite amusing.......

  2. Another fine example of the Boy Buggering Corporation deriding Trump and stating blatant lies as truth. On radio 4 this morning 24-1-17 early news at 06:37 one of their correspondents asserted that Trump was lying about illegal voting, said "There is no evidence of illegal voting in any way in any state." The news announcer allowed this totally wrong statement without challenging it in any way, when anyone who has followed the election via unfake channels knows that obama was encouraging illegals to vote and other forms of illegal voting were wide spread.

  3. Sorry for off topic, 8-3 Well done May you dragged your feet long enough for the remoaners to get their miserable shysters into action, it will be remembered.