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Sunday, 1 January 2017

A Mess Of Their Own Making.

Another Prize Prat Trotted Out.

Who's eating all the pies?

Ben Wallace the name. My research suggests he was a Captain in the Scots Guards before a time with the company QinetiQ, once an arm of Government sold off on the cheap at mates rates and another example of profligacy by Government. The same Civil Service now presiding over billions of "aid" packages, paying themselves or mates millions at the expense of finding money for elderly care.

Anyhow this Wallace has few qualms spouting the cretinous utterances today. In the actual article he even managed a sly swipe at Russia and Putin. That clever way they have of subliminal references, in this case the hypocritical link between IS and Russia. Done in the certain knowledge, were he in possession of a brain cell, that it is Baz Obummer cry baby who's funding of terrorists in Syria is well documented.

Indeed, the Sunday Times carried several digs at Putin totally to slavishly remain friends with the arrogant bully with days left in The White House. If, as is likely, Bully Boy Baz is trying to leave the new President with as big a mess as he can,  he is following that other bully, Gorgon Brown. That latter buffoon having attempted, with some success, to leave the UK Exchequer with zero dosh.

Anyhow, back to Benjamin. That his name is Wallace I find very fitting. Just needs Gromit at his heels and slam dunk. The terrorist threat, now so huge throughout the Western World, is so bad because of the actions of the likes of the fool of a Captain. That Russia copes better than the Imam dominated outgoing Muslim and his lackeys in the EUSSR and UK is of little surprise.

Wallace talks of the rubbish traitors kicked out of Aleppo and hopefully soon out of Syria entirely, as wishing to return to our shores and also join their battalions already ensconced in Merkel's hostels and towns throughout the Continent of Europe.  

The horrific chemical destruction he claims is on the cards ignores the fact that for years Assad was said to be the evil sole user of such atrocious WMD. The American propaganda always relishing any signs of gassing and poisoning as a stick to shake at Putin and the Syrian Government. All the time ignoring the napalm and toxic crop poisoning deaths inflicted on the Vietnamese people. 

Always ignoring the hospital shelling by the terrorists but lauding the attributed attacks by any opponents of Baz Mohammed. The American interventions of my lifetime have always ended in destabilising the very existence of the human race. 

I just hope Donald can be as powerful and charismatic as Putin. That the 45th President of the United States continues to belittle his opponents and strip them of their self entitled arrogance. If he can help nudge the French and German people to clobber their Establishments, Austria and Holland, power to his elbow. Even Eire  see the shining light of genuine democracy, then this never ending, embarrassing interventionism of Corporate greed and lust for global dominance could soon be ended. If this all begins this New Year then 2017 could be a great one. Not least if it sweeps away the likes of doomsayer Wallace.

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