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Thursday, 22 December 2016

When Taking Sides.

Consider Everything For Yourself.

Despite a reported explosion this picture was shown in the Daily Fail today as a hopeful one, for a change. Furthermore it reflects life in Syria before terrorists sought to impose their perceived grievances through barbaric, violent slaughter.

With Western support via money, arms and specialist embedded forces this land was and continues to be decimated. Plus Europe and the West have opened up themselves to millions of unnecessarily displaced people and their Trojan horses by the hundred.

There is a bloodstained irony when hundreds of Christians can gather in Aleppo with courage and neighbourly acceptance by their Muslim citizens, whilst a Christmas fair in Berlin is witness to a massacre of innocents.

Who on this evidence is the better ruler? Merkel, Mohammed Obummer or Assad? Who does Putin feel is the true hope for peace in Syria?

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  1. Putty faced ex? communist and monkey boy rabble rouser versus Assad and Putin.
    New World Order global pernicious tyranny versus Free Nation States.