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Thursday, 8 December 2016

West Are Treating Aleppo like Brexit and Trump.

Sulking And Pathetic.

This looks like so many of the tragic images now synonymous with the Middle East. Most emanating from interfering and meddling by The West post 9/11. In our 24/7 news diet of mainly biased propaganda you would think it's likely an image from Syria. it's not, it's Mosul.

As the legitimate Syrian Government close in on the terrorists, masquerading under the label awarded by the USA as rebels, The American Establishment are in panic mode. Not least the strong probability that the fall of Aleppo and the destruction of this uprising of barbaric scum, funded by all and sundry in the pay of the Saudis and by proxy, Obummer, now arises as a defeat to mark or even (pun alert) trump the sparse legacy of 8 years of swaggering arrogance. 

Still the lickspittle Western media bang out their scripted bias. Not a free spirit to be found anywhere. Even as liberated Eastern Aleppo people praise God for their release from the evil of their rebel captors some ghastly and inarticulate BBC faux female whinges about lack of humanitarian aid. Moand that these folk are fleeing the conflict. In reality they are now able to see relatives and loved ones, now their imprisonment as human shields is removed. 

The MSM are presently moaning about fake news in the peoples' media. Talk about pot and kettles blackening. If the Syrian Government takes Aleppo and goes on to defeat the terrorists and end this unnecessary conflict many of them will pour into Europe to carry on there. Our political idiots isolation and hypocritical vilification of Russia and Putin, because Obummer is jealous of the guy is going to prove as devastating as 9/11.

The Chinese are also observing carefully. Their careful and justified humiliation of the UK UN representative's spouting what is obviously Obummer's direction over Syria, was a joy to behold. It was strongly pointed out that unlike the regime change smugness of American interventions, Russia is an ally at the express request of a legitimate, even if despised, Government.

Let's be clear. Nothing done by the West, in our name, after the first Gulf War, has been legitimate. It could be argued the resultant chaos, slaughter and refugee crises are because of this illegality. A high cost for the hubris of Bliar, Bush and Obummer.


  1. MSM complaining about fake news, do stop cracking howlers like that Rightie me sides are splitting...oh it wasn't a joke and they really are complaining.

    Wouldn't they, and the Bliars Bush's Obamas and Merkels of the world love to put the internet genie back in the bottle, never have we the people learned so much they didn't want us to know.


  2. Just posted this on Diocleses' blog

    I have always believed in free speech. We need to re-instate our right to free speech.
    In 2016, if someone disagrees with the pc line, “someone” will want to shut you up. Whatever has happened? False news (not our propaganda)? Toe the party line or shut up? Their only counter-argument seems to be to shut you up, close you down, delete.
    However, their tactic is not working now. I truly think that so many people are aware that any alternative view to the narrative favoured by – for want of better terms – the PTB or “Elites” is to be shut down, deleted, decried, that they actively seek that alternative opinion rather than the main stream news sources. The internet is a powerful tool which I hope will be used to it’s full potential.

    More power to your elbow Dioclese.

    And you, Rightie.