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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Two War Criminals.

Consumed With Arrogance.

These two failed leaders born out of the spawn of Western media creation were schooled in the self righteous belief that they were the guys to impose regime change anytime it suited they and their globalist backers. The ends always to trump any moral means.

Well look how that's turning out in The Middle East. Notwithstanding the destruction of Iraq, Libya and the growing rise of The Taliban and IS, Syria became the next target with a pathetic sideshow in Ukraine as an ouederve.  The huge mass movement of migrants, many economic, large numbers of terrorists and a disparate large group of duped poor, has become a tool for the PTB. 

A tool meant to dilute any historic and successful societies born out of centuries of strife. History now disregarded in the wars being fought to enrich the powerful elites. An elite happy to stand with the barbaric Saudis and destroy all dissent.

We have just been given a hurrah for the farce of an Austrian puppet show used to mask the stunning defeat of "their" man in Italy. The UK's UN rep given a justified critique by his Chinese counterpart. Even mentioned by the BBC. A resolution blatantly designed to aid the rebels in Aleppo. 

That in addition to possibly providing targeting data leading to a shelling of a Russian medical site helping freed eastern Aleppo victims of human shield atrocity. Obama now desperate that Assad should not be victorious on his despicable watch. Still all of this has led to a huge backlash against the old order. Another Vietnam for the Goldman Sachs war machine and bankrollers.

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  1. These people condemn Castro?
    Pot, kettle, black...