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Friday, 30 December 2016

The Gift Of Stupidity Keeps On Giving.

An End To 2016 And A Stupid Resident Of The White House.

2016 will go down as a year in which the likes of corporate greed allied to pathetic Establishment political cabals, got a drubbing. None more so than Baz Obummer. Yet I believed his final acts of breathtaking idiocy and his pathetic team of petty, puerile and infantile advisers had by now run their course. Not so.

I had suspicions his lot embedded in the bowels and sphincters of the CIA and FBI had finished spewing out the diarrhea of over 8 years of banality and spitefulness. Not so. 

I did momentarily wonder if the murder of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov, might have been a CIA engineered act to divide Erdogan and Putin, similar to the downing of a Russian jet, was a ridiculous idea. Not now. 

As for Russian interference in the US election, what ridiculous crap. Are Obummer's secret services so incompetent, inept and grossly negligent that they failed, even before the 12 month long, endless campaigning got underway. Were they, as with 9/11, so utterly oblivious to the need for better, more efficient capability that no plans were in place to protect their very own presidential election procedures and security? Why are they now suggesting all kinds of espionage, going uncountered, as to make them look utter fools? Or lickspittles of Islamic terrorism.

If, a very big if, cyber war was implemented by Russia, what the hell were they doing about it? In reality this meme, this myth, this paranoia was stoked up by Obummer and latched onto by his harridan, Killary Clinton. A convenient turd to step into to smear their opponent but which ended up all over their idiot faces.

So damaged by the loss to Donald, incapable of accepting the nastiness of their utterances, their devious smearing tactics and downright arrogance, they failed to read the mood of their own people. As for today's pronouncement and expulsions of diplomats and their families, how that bullying of families and their children has backfired with the mature and measured stand from Vladimir the Great! Just as his patience, then wooing of Erdogan, after the jet was shot down. Not withstanding my loathing for Erdogan, he was despot du jour of America and Obummer before Putin.

In among all this mayhem, as the World struggles with the dying tantrums of a petulant infant, we also need to ask if Obummer and his smug Democrats, so shown up by their behaviour, are mainly looking to stymie Trump's Presidency before it can begin. Well if this is so and probably it is plus the underestimation of Donald already poured all over their pigheaded air of self entitlement, at a cost of billions of "investment" to the Democratic bandwagon, these latest antics are cause for much mirth.

Not only has the Emperor no clothes he has a very tiny intellect, if not weeny, on display. What are they thinking. They are arming terrorists in Syria, failing in Mosul and still tearing Iraq to pieces. The biggest mark Obummer is going to leave, in his wake of a legacy, will be a hypocrisy steeped in the blood of innocents. Whilst his, Obummer's, wild lashing out goes from extreme to ridiculous to comic embarrassment, we could laugh ourselves silly if there wasn't so much horror emanating from his total lack of ability to grasp reality.

As for his tenure as America's first, part black, President. He's acted little better than his forbears from that appallingly awful African history. Still manifest today in the likes of Mugabe and not so long ago, Amin, to name but two. His failure to make the world a better place but rather more unstable and volatile, was forecast by some. Those not besotted with leftard political naivety. One now very much to the fore in today's spitting venom aimed at anyone not signed up to the corporate sponsored violence we now witness.

Well, if America's failings allow Syria to be restored to peace, let's keep Obummer and urge the American voters to overturn the ballot. It might be their terrible loss but the gain for all sensible people, not mired in the fantasy world of the Democratic rubbish we have been forced to tolerate for the last 8 years, would be a relief. Mind you if Donald does half as well as Vlad is doing as a real leader, now that would be a better year than for many a long time.

As for Russian interference, Baz, was not this more the reason why Trump outwitted you and your acolytes? Hushed up yet again. Where was Putin in this?

Happy New Year. Make, not just America but the human race great again!


  1. You'd have thunk by now that Obummer, and the bloody Clintons, would have zipped their mouths up tight and bowed out with some smattering of refinement or decency, nope, we've got confirm exactly what we are.

    Vlad Putin must sit at home watching these performances trying hard not to piss hisen laughing at the performances.

    Not long now, a man completely at odds with what the US has been stuck with for so long is about to take over.

    This could be the start a four very good years, and President elect Trump being there isn't going to do our chances of a proper Brexit any harm either.

    An excellent post Rightie


  2. Every childish ploy seems to be failing so word is that obama's going to go on hunger strike if he can't have his own way.

  3. Obama really is behaving like a spoilt child throwing his toys out of the pram, isn't he?

  4. Obumer...... Hes not laughing now is he.......