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Monday, 19 December 2016

Media Meltdown.

Chief Executive Of Western Decline Award 2016.

After much soul searching and effort there still could only be one outstanding character for my award. This gross, loud and self entitled queen of sleaze, Empress of email excess and all round supporter of a pretty ghastly womaniser of a husband who else. That she had the gall to spend billions of dollars to massage her own delusion should be a crime in itself. However the establishment cuban cigar aficionados supporting her got their just desserts and then some.

In her ridiculous game of blame rather than thrones, I await the evidence, soon to be produced, that a Russian spy forced a cigar up Monica then made Bonking Bill suck on it. The stupidity of blaming Putin, after her nastiness used against the guy and therefore his people and Russia, beggars belief. She calls the guy pathetic, childish names and then expects a kiss? Baz no better. Pouring public scorn on a great nation with a history thousands of years senior to the genocidal USA is but schoolboy infantile jealousy and racism.

Speaking of whom, he was, obviously a contender for my award.

Shit, the silly cow lost after all my government dollars spent in support.

To list this hypocrites qualifications would take forever. Suffice to say arming the barbaric scum of ISIL, via untold numbers of proxy routes and bloodsoaked initiatives, in his quest to oust another leader he happens to personally dislike, got him close to winning this accolade.

Then we have the EUSSR minor contenders. 

Merkel's reaction to the news a Muslim rapist has been caught sums up her year of shame but still comes third to her US puppetmasters. As do the rest of her EUSSR cabal of misfits and rich beyond all hypocrisy on the backs of the poor, the destruction of Greece and the subjugation of Western Europe to her jackbooted heirlooms.

I can't but fail to end on a lighter note as barely a contender but more a massive disappointment, strolls off into a sunlit world of vast riches in the image of Bliar and Mandlescum.

As for awards. Three contenders for man of the year. You choose, dear reader.


Or even a Brit!

As for a  final award. Event of the year, I nominate the liberation of Aleppo and a victory for democracy. Long may the citizens remain free from terrorist occupation.

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  1. No argument from me for the queen of sleaze, what a shower they are.

    Tough call between the three decent patriots pictured, no not the weeping con man whose about as far from a patriot as you could get.
    The three of them deserve it equally, Putin could show our current western puppet leaders how to behave like a statesman, it'll be good to see Trump and Putin in meaningful fruitful talks, there is a nasty enemy out there and it isn't Russia, and Russians are helped give it a bloody good well deserved kicking in Syria.

    If we could somehow end up with Farage as PM, we'd be made, God knows he deserves a lifetime's thanks and admiration.