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Saturday, 10 December 2016

I Am Not Alone.

In Praising Putin's Leadership.

Vladimir learns of Trumps' victory.

As seen here. Obummer and his minions in the West are in a tizzy of all tizzies. Every misfortune, miscalculation and fall of establishment placements and the growing economic and political success of Russia, let alone China, is hurting big time.

We have the Brexit sulkateers. Their tears wrung from the powerful and academic brilliance of the likes of Keira Knightley. Stupid, brain dead play actress paraded by her equally stupid MSM Lord Haw Haws. That clown of an Admiral Buffoon Kirby the front man for a circus about to leave town with their ringmaster's tail between his legs, Obummer. See what I mean?

The whining nonsense poured out as their barbaric terrorist pals are about to be thrown out of Aleppo. Even if Obummer offers them a few nukes to try and stop this egg on face defeat. Always ensuring that any victory by the legitimate Syrian Government is a humanitarian catastrophe in their reporting. Always ignoring, Chemical Ali like, the civilians praising their liberation from the hired thugs of Obummer's terrorist proxy barbarians.

As Putin genuinely helps Assad slaughter the Saudi backed scum of IS, the West look ever the new, modern USSR. Not least with their EUSSR morons in place. Go Vlad and help the world be rid of this Islamic curse from medieval times. 

As for that Brussels Merkel HQ. So brilliant they have screwed the Ukraine and left them high and dry without directly supplied Russian gas. The answer is to divert EU Russian gas to Ukraine with a hefty premium levied on their Kiev Mafia installed idiots. Another regime change gone sour. That after cajoling that crowd to default on their already huge debt for energy owed to the Russian people.

The world is changing and its moral compass pointing, no longer West, the magnetic field from a Nazi overthrow now squandered but East. The moral high ground well and truly secured if Aleppo falls and the truth of American/Saudi backed horrors materialises. I hope Kirby still gets to be interviewed before Trump brings in some fresh air.

I'll close with this thought. Behind the scenes that ghastly crook, Killary Clinton is trying to find ever more crooked ways to thwart the vote. Front of house her clowns are dancing round the bear in an effort to bait the creature they imagine the cause of all their woes. No evidence but Obummer's obsessive hatred for a man who makes his, Obummer's, arrogant swagger look the boastful, egotistical narcissist he is. 

Have a good weekend and as urges, "question more!"


  1. It absolutely amazes me that the obama clinton crowd can come out with such outlandish shite and expect people not to laugh, I don't know how they can tell it with a straight face. Such infantile bollocks without any proof whatsoever (just as with MH17) ranks on a par with the dog ate my homework.

  2. Here's one to watch out for later in case it comes up on the bbc news as the "real Thing"

  3. As the end of their era approaches they become increasingly desperate, the drowning clutching at straws.

    The game is up, so many people who don't actually take an interest in alternative media or blogs are saying they no longer believe the MSM, especially distrusted is the BBC.

    Oh and on the subject of the BBC, i happened to be driving and heard a news report (i usually avoid the BBC and chanel number 4 like the plague) abut the alleged doping of Russian athletes, the BBC news reader mentioned a Russian TV station's response but only after qualifying the TV station as ''state run'', so just like the BBC state broadcaster then, they don't get irony do they.


  4. @ Judd, an interesting point there, are the Russians forced to pay a fee to the state broadcaster just so they may have the privilege of using a TV. Will make enquiries.

  5. Yes, think you've covered most of it there.