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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A Tragic Yet Expected Discovery.

Don't Hold Your Breath For Western MSM Reaction.

 The American Democratic Establishment's friends' handy work. 

Is it wrong to suggest that these victims might have also been used to harvest organs to sell to assist in the purchase of weapons? Or has Baz Mohammed been happy to supply, for free, these barbaric savages, for his own agenda of toppling the legally elected Government and get a dig at Vladimir?

This terrible discovery will be shrugged off as propaganda by this prize dimwit. Notwithstanding his daily and embarrassing performances over the Syrian conflict. At least he would have if he hadn't quit before he suffers even further humiliation. If I can find the time, or maybe someone else can, to put a clip together of his buffoonery. One could begin here, possibly a place his idiocy is better known. 

Now before this is passed off as Russian self interest check out the guy's stuttering responses to press questions and their similarity, as I've said before, too Chemical Ali as US tanks trundled behind him into central Baghdad. Trump's man will get a good length of time to get even close to Kirby's thick and waffling performances. Funny as they are they have a deep and disturbing facade as to how Baz and his crew have considered the death and destruction on their watch with such flippancy.

A watch and tenure that has devastated a once peaceful example of a tolerant State and one protective of Christian minority people. A fact emphasised with that wonderful service recently able to be held in Aleppo. Sure I find many of these stories from Russian sources but only because they get so little mention, if any, in Baz's tame media. Also when you look at Kirby's woeful time as a spokesman for Baz you have to ask about Obummer's abilities to find credible players for his team. How Kirby got to be an Admiral is straight out of some comic film, for sure. Naval rather than Police Academy.

It would be a relief if the true nature of the massacres in East Aleppo were not only big news in the West but the alliances formed by the outgoing Democratic numptees be questioned. That together with a deeper analysis of the Bush and Bliar blood soaked interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Not forgetting Camoron's and Sarkozy's ghastly grandstanding on murdered Gadaffi's corpse. 
Another convenient death happily hushed up by the Western ass lickers such SKY, BBC, MBC and CNN lot. Note that BBC link's unquestioning acceptance of palatable hero worship never to be gainsaid.

So let us see how much the murdering scum, supported by embedded Western facilitators, will feature in the Western narratives. Once again those facilitators yet another cover up by our lot. 
It begs the question, what will it take to see some of these excuses for atrocities, in the name of convenience for corporate and political expediency, to be fully exposed? What the hell has happened to investigative journalism? 

Here's a fact worthy of closer scrutiny and seemingly not known by Wikileaks or Snowden. This latter fact also showing the leaks so much discussed never really have in depth efficacy when put against the real depths of horror our lot are happy to plumb. Also easily dismissed as propaganda but surely it could be researched and proven true or false? Likewise that other weird, frequently pursued story of so called White Helmets alluded to in that last link.

Surely has a slogan worthy of answer. "Question more". I do, not least when I switch off Galloway's and Lembit Opik's appearances on that station. I find, sorry found, Admiral Kirby's comic turn more to my taste!

Hope you are enjoying a superb festive, Christian season. Here's to Trump's 2017 and Brexit!


  1. "At Least 14 US Coalition Military Officers Captured by Syrian Special Forces in East Aleppo Bunker"
    Don't let's swallow any bunkum about moderate rebels, they were all vicious terrorists who had taken up arms against Assads totally legitimate government, aided and abetted by obama and his lackeys in the eu. In my eyes at least, that makes any western forces aiding them bloody terrorists too. It has gone strangely quiet about them though, I just hope no under the counter deals are being struck, when they should be put up against a wall and damn well shot.

  2. Just found this report published about four days ago.........
    "It horrifies me to tell you that the foreign spies who were holed up in Aleppo were allowed to leave with the other terrorist evacuees. This was a deal struck by the Russians and Iranians in in spite of the SAA’s objections. As you know, 100+ Syrian soldiers were murdered by the terrorists even though they were hostages over whom the SAA conditioned any evacution. I am deeply ashamed to have to tell you this. It’s not a happy day for us."