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Friday, 18 November 2016

Winning Battles But Winning The War Still A Long Way Off.

If This war Is Even Winnable.

We are enjoying, if only just, many months of the people winning battles against the Establishment. First a general Election which, though putting Camoron in power for a short time, was a powerful warning shot against the political bubble dwellers. Their media client base and their tame pollsters, along with Whitehall. Add to this roll call the smug, foolish clowns represented by Edstone Entitlement Milibad and now that buffoon, Balls enjoying mafia like protection and promotion by the BBC, against all comers in what's supposed to be a dance competition. In reality Balls is being put forward as a successor to Corbyn to wrest back for the Labour Luvvie crowd their pet Party of a Labour Dynasty.

Then came the referendum. Another victorious battle won by the people against this global cabal of despots and their puppets in power in Europe and across the Atlantic. Once again a resounding defeat against insurgent vote rigging placements across the "leave" campaign. Such a sweet victory. 

Not least because it presaged the clobbering of the American Establishment bought and paid for by the Goldman Sachs arms suppliers. Love or loathe Marmite Trump, he's still won a great battle. If anyone could propel us all towards an actual war winning climax, it's he. Assuming he isn't murdered too soon. Indeed a swift alliance with Russia and yes, Assad to catch the Obummer/Clinton supported terrorists on the back foot would be a second "D" day for Western decency. Even a possible peace in Syria.

However we still have terrible events and behaviour which show the awesome and evil corruption we are up against. One which feeds on all the failures and wars our Establishment fund with black morality and blood soaked greed, at our expense. Obummer in Europe today still orchestrating, albeit weakly, the anti Russian propaganda his successor has suggested and hopefully will reverse for the sake of us all.

Nonetheless I reserve my greatest ire at the dismal but predictable destruction of the child abuse enquiry in the UK. As with the feral and gross rape across the UK of our children by, mainly, Muslim founded gangs of barbaric scum, our very own Establishment is rife with similar predilections. As seen with, always long dead, figures of lauded celebrity in the mode of Savile and Cyril Smith.

I have observed with a large degree of scepticism this enquiry launched with hand wringing fanfare, fully certain we would never see the deep seated, smug cover ups ever be anything but triumphant. My strongly held belief remains that so massive is this abysmal and habitual abuse in the corridors of power, it can never be defeated. 

I am certain that the way all those tasked with any senior role in this whole sordid business are being vilified is just routine habitual disdain by the very individuals secretly destroying not only children's lives but those of anyone courageous enough to seek retribution and justice. Top police officers are being traduced, enquiry chairs rapidly forced out with a propaganda worthy of the same class of bull shit aimed at Russia and Putin. With the same motivation of greed for power and indestructibility.

To read the media of the last 18 months of this botched shambles of any miniscule progress to bring the people responsible for the most heinous abuse, you would think ere long, Savile and Cyril Smith will be reinvented and nominated for the patron sainthood of paedophile worship. The victims now being made to look ever more guilty than any big fat, sadistic, evil piece of human detritus like Smith. 

All the weasel words from Prime Ministers and MPs are little more than you could expect from the very filth they pretend to be seeking. Judges, Senior as well as junior civil servants, politicians and every other branch of the establishment use their power to protect each other regardless of the depths of depravity they sink too.

As with wars, global dominance of corporate wealth and the hangars on like Mandleson we are all, outside these clubs, fair game. As a large group representing the scars and trauma of some 600 victims withdraws its support, the response from officialdom is the same, pathetic, puerile mish mash of unconvincing repetition of platitudes. What unconvincing, weak, disinterested, shrug of indifferent drivel. Note the similarity of style with Rudd's Remain rhetoric. 

Despite our recent victories over these grotesque waste of human skin, until we can root out the very core of these paedophile racketeers, we have little chance of success in other aspects of our existence. As Brexit looks ever more twinned with the obfuscation blanket employed by the enquiry into child sex abuse so the EUSSR still swagger with their deluded belief all is well. The war on we ordinary folk will go on as interminably as the sodomy and rape of little children is quietly condoned by every single member of Parliament, the media and the rest of our Establishment. Ask keith Vaz if you don't believe me. Circus ring master for our modern times if ever there was one.

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