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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Weird Political World Just Now.

So Many Ar**s Trumped!

The utter smug but painfully stupid arrogance of the Establishment in the West has been clobbered hard by the humour engendered by the Trump-Farage relationship. It is my humble opinion the two men cooked up the jape to fool the media hacks, so steeped in their Masters' backside licking, decades long, fest of sycophancy, as to let the two men light a touchpaper and stand back. Boy did it explode! See those chocs above. Fererro Rocher must be delighted!

As a small bonus the prank tweaked the UK Establishment's nose, including May, Johnson and Darroch, the main butt of the joke as I perceive it. If this refreshing approach to the tired and dictatorial nature of global suppression is to be the norm, via a Trump Administration, bring it on. Not least a rapprochement with Russia and the nudge over the cliff of the gross, ghastly, tattered, failing EUSSR.

Mind you, Trump will face the barrage of negativity and press attention as we in the UK are being forced to suffer over our vote of noncompliance with the wishes of the gangster ridden system we presently endure. Brexit becoming a profanity throughout our media and centralised oppression despots. 

Witness the incredible paranoia induced by the success of in its more balanced coverage and suggestion we, the public, "question more". A slogan at odds with the Lord Haw Haw output of the BBC/Sky morons. Also note, after Kirby's ignorant misogyny towards Gayane Chichakyan in this must watch pathetic outburst of Dr Strangelove similarity, from the EUSSR we get this pathetic response from Schulz's tame parliament.

If the decades of Western aggression, interventions and stupidity had some credible efficacy, other than self interest of the few, we might all feel less aggrieved. As things stand we face thousands of 5th columnist, battle hardened, brutalised and barbaric hordes strolling through the Schengen gates with impunity. 

So the light relief we can enjoy with Trump and Brexit should be welcome. It's unlikely to last as the PTB fight back even dirtier than hitherto. That is unless a new rapport with Russia and an Assad victory in Syria can happen. That plus the real Pariah that is the House of Saud be identified and tamed.


  1. Every day thousands more wake up and realise the MSM has been lying to them for decades to keep the whole rotten pile of manure in place, and their own place at the trough.

    I have a feeling its too late now to stop the real people of the western world claiming back their lands by free thinking leading to free voting, i hope it doesn't culminate in piano wire solutions such as happened in times gone by (and the equivalent still does in the lands of the religion of peace) though arguably there are enough out there who might deserve such a fate.

    Talking of undesirables i see Lucifer Blair has stuck his ugly mug over the wall again, now trying to organise an army of useful idiots to join him in an online assault on Brexit, that vile creature is truly a waste of good space and air.
    We should welcome his efforts, anything he puts his name to is tainted, so own goals all round, \and it'll keep the low life's likely to associate with him off the streets, every cloud has silver lining.

    And now a better subject.

    You Old Rightie, and other bloggers too.

    I don't think you realise quite how important you have all been to the waking up of so many people who were asleep for so long.

    You and others made me realise i wasn't alone out there going slowly mad all by myself whilst the world elected things like Lucifer Blair 3 times for crying out loud and then replaced him with old snake eyes Cameron, who snake like in action buggered off with his forked tail between his legs when he realised the game is up.

    There's still a long way to go, there are legion of Blair like cohorts grasping onto power like the deranged creatures they are, but the top of the slide has been breached, there is no stopping what is coming, we are going to reclaim our countries.

    What i'm trying to say is a big THANKYOU to you Rightie, i hope you realise just how important your blog has been for so many of us, we are grateful for your contributions to the fight.
    Other like minded bloggers can help themselves to my thanks with pleasure too.


  2. My dear Judd your kind words are inspirational.You help keep we bloggers up for the fight. One which gets ever harder as the cornered rats spit and snarl!

    Branson and Bliar. No doubt necking each other on some tatty hideaway Island. pair of cnuts.

  3. Don't know what coverage your blog has O.R., but like throwing a bottle into the ocean you never know where it'll end up. There has been some speculation that Wikileaks may have actually been fed information from one or more of the agencies who snoop on everyone's communications, the reason being that the person being leaked against was deemed too crooked and dangerous to hold office. Blair is just another such psychopath and the dirt on him must be enormous, so if any reader is in a position to do so please invest in a couple of memory sticks and take them to work with you.