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Friday, 11 November 2016

Sod It, I'm Going To Gloat!

I'm Sick Of Snowflakes.

Killary Clinton strutted the stage, screamed her dreadful sounds and copied to a tee Neil Kinnock in her absolute certainty she was to move house and home. With the might of powerful corruption and corporate deals, Goldman sachs and the fellating media's gross distortion of polls and bias she felt untouchable. I feel sure she had the drapes and soft furnishings ordered and the largess already placed in force. No doubt she'd already purchased hundreds of copies of this;

Well, what a result! Not only a victory for change and a bloody nose to the loathsome leftard stupidity in backing a corporate, crooked schill, it was a massive victory. One I believe was as large for Brexit but hidden under a mountain of rigged votes from Brussels.

As for the riots, pure evil an fascist nastiness. You lost, get over it children and grow up. I could say the same about Obummer. Talk about sucking lemons. His use of government Office to blatantly support the Clinton gangsters was a disgrace. Just as the Remain mob and Camoron's abuse of Office and power. An abuse now continued under the likes of that child, Farron. Can't wait to see his 8 MP rump of a Party swept away in the ever more likely snap election. That could see as big a clearout of our own ghastly politicians as over the pond.

Whatever, the joy I feel over both victories may not last but right now it feels very, very good to be an Oldrightie.

So to close I will have a very good shake of the salt condiment pot. Enjoy.

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