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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

More Groundhog Day.

Effing Climate Change.

After a couple of years of reigning back on climate change hysteria the MSM have filled their doomsday, constant negativity with angst over the steady rise of democracy. That is the "tyranny" of the majority. Their open mouthed incredulity at a Tory election win, unseen in the bars of media spinster haunts across the globe, Brexit and Trump's terrific victories, have all combined to present us with folk like Adam Boulton still struggling to come to terms with their own stupid insignificance.

That loss of self importance and its associated dent in pompous self entitlement is a joy to behold. Notwithstanding the annoyance and irritation as we are bombarded with ever more increasing and nonsensical idiocy. The language manipulation is also becoming ever dafter. One example is the use of "far right" to describe any questioning stance against the now exposed leftard media. The hushed and serious tones used to report events in Syria are countered by the attempts to talk up the identical horrors going on in Mosul. That is that any horror not committed by forces out of favour is terrible and heart rending. Yet Saudi atrocities, for example, in Yemen are either unreported or lauded.

This same biased, unquestioning propaganda output is applied to climate change. The nuclear testing influence ignored whilst we are blamed for the overuse of toilet paper and greed over the air we breathe. Fossil fuels, the driving force behind the mega wealth attained by the West and its present day oligarchs, are derided and to be denied to emerging and third world nations. Places expensive alternatives, such as bird and bat mincer wind turbines are to be saturated with by the same billionaire interests. An exploitation of poverty by shameful, short sighted greed. 

In these debates the substantial issues are ignored. Firstly overpopulation by human beings create unsustainable demand on resources for food and water. Note the warmest place in the UK is always London. Also the most overcrowded. This matter must of necessity create huge areas of pollution and filth of enormous magnitude. That subsequently leading to demand for disease and illness intervention, just not available. NHS or no NHS.

So as places are decimated by the greed of warmongering, another massive contribution to pollution, people are minded to travel across the globe for a variety of reasons. All created by failed human governance and adding to the spread of poverty into Western enclaves. Places which have squandered the opportunities for balanced, sustainable nations. Norway a good example but one also now under pressure to destroy their balanced natural environments in favour of the fashion for multicultural slum invasion.

So as Trump wrestles with the reality of high office to arrive in January, standby for an ever increasing and pathetic narrative. Not least this label of "extreme right" to be slapped on any individual, group, Nation or political movement daring to preach common sense. Climate change, no longer global warming but "extreme events" to be resurrected as some cosy, leftard cuddly toy of convenience and deranged sense of moral superiority. Already, this very morning, climate change questioning labelled as far right thinking!

Let's be real about all this fearmongering. If the human race destroys itself through pollution, war and greed the Universe will fail to notice. Planet earth will continue to evolve as ordained. Eventually to become a lonely planetary speck in a mighty Universe. That or become cosmic dust when all human activity as we know it will be as nothing.

The only people affected will be those destined, regardless of any tree hugging vanity and superior but deluded hand wringing of today, to live through the death throes of human existence and the natural deterioration of satellite earth. This round the corner of a Killary Clinton approach to diplomacy driven by nuclear armageddon or the natural and millennia long, drawn out and natural death of the Planet. 

Climate change is a vanity driven science and arrogant belief in human superiority over nature. The irony is it's driven by those who regard their intellect capable of King Canute like showmanship designed to fool their perceived lesser mortals. That'll be extreme right wing thinkers. You know, those tyrannical majorities.


  1. I don't think anyone's listening to, reading, or watching the mainstream media's version of news any more, if they are it's just white noise in the background.

    Their time of lording over the real people is fast coming to an end, oh they'll thrash about in the final death throes of their existance, and they themselves may not realise the game is up until they receive their very own redundancy notices.

    They are now the despised irrelevant legion that they portrayed genuine patriotic working people for decades as, they won't enjoy being nobody's, especially when they find their jobs vanish and the money dries up and no one gives a toss.


  2. Never mind - I read at the Express that Nibiru will wipe us all out next year.

  3. Well here's a bit of investigative journalism I haven't seen in the msm, "rescue" boats setting off for rendezvous whilst the illegals are still on dry land.