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Thursday, 3 November 2016

I Just Knew It.

Our Establishment Have No Care For The British People.

The Establishment have taken aim.

In the name of all that humanity, justice and decency once was, the path to destruction of all once held dear is to be finished off as the evil behind that trigger above fires. The slaughter and butchery that has driven millions from their homes in the Middle East and the barbaric, ritual slaughter of innocents is manifested in our Courts. This decision today snatches the last vestiges of democracy and freedom from all of us, regardless of which camp.

We are still on course to become the EUSSR's Gulag. I suspect May knew this all along. Welcome to the Concentration camps once so beloved of Hitler and Stalin. What a hateful, terrible outcome.


  1. Really think, OR, that it must be a GE now, nothing less.

  2. They can pass whatever judgments they like, it's over when we say it's over.
    They rule only because we agree to abide by the rules.
    That can change.

  3. All that because someone invoked the law? concentration camps ?
    Parliament is how this wonderful country is governed ,that and the law. You can march and try to change that but right now the law says that Parliament has to ratify the result. It always had to but no one thought to check.
    None of this means we won't leave the EU and it certainly doesn't mean we are going to be a bloody gulag if we don't.
    Hard for some to remember but virtually half this country doesn't agree with you,a perfect recipe for serious trouble ahead. None of which will be the fault of the referendum of course.

  4. In the usual course of events our representative M.P.'s debate issues then vote amongst themselves to decide the outcome.
    In the very unusual circumstance of leaving the E.U.the M.P.'s had their viewpoints put forward at great length by the msm and govmt. leaflet.
    The govmt. then delegated the vote,which they would have taken under normal circumstances, to the population of the country.
    Having done that they must accept it without reservation.
    Just because it went against what they expected, they cannot take their decision back and have their vote on it now, no matter how they try to disguise what they're trying to do by using legal double talk.

  5. "“The act made no provision for the result to be legally binding on the government or on any future government. , . The act did not specify any specific consequences that would follow the result of the referendum”
    So they can vote on it, or more to the point ,they must vote on it. I doubt they will go against the vote but they might require further agreement as to how it's done.
    So they should ,it's what they get paid for.

  6. None of us thought the road to regaining our national freedom would be easy, the referendum result was the first battle over, there's a war of sorts to come yet, the US election result will have more sway in what happens than many believe.

    And speaking of war, that picture brought tears to my eyes and has haunted me since the day you posted it, if there is a more stark image of pure evil anywhere i do not wish to see it, that image brings nothing but hatred for those who would behave in such a base way...orders?...i'd have turned that rifle on the swine who issued such an order without a moments hesitation.