Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

America's Brexit?

Too Early To Cheer.

I woke early. Pottered around and fed the Doberman. She's gone back on her sofa. Opened up the laptop and as last June was braced for the smug gloating of the Establishment. More watering down of National pride, more global elite superiority, greed and corporate nastiness. More wars for commercial dominance, more Russia baiting to swell the arms trade already bloated, bloodstained bank vaults.

To see "Trump closes in on victory", a republican sweep of Congress with control of both Senate and House of Representatives is breathtaking. The American people have punished their banking and corrupt greed that for too long has swept across the globe in an orgy of misery inducing, terrible power for the few. What a stunning scenario unfolding.

I have been so miserable as little wannabee morons, post Brexit, have bemoaned their route to the top of the corporate food trough circle being slowed by the people. People who with their vote to quit the EUSSR cabal of American run mirror images, dominated by the likes of Goldman Sachs and the rest of the money laundering, drug fuelled, arms trade gangsters, have now thrown a spanner in the works of the crooked Clinton bunch.

If, as looks likely, President Trump becomes a reality the chatterati will once more have egg on their poll dominated sycophancy. Pollsters but bottom feeders in the ocean of deluded self entitlement of the Established orders. Mrs kranky in Scotland will be miffed. her fat, Shrek like Smart Alex will find jollies to America drying up big time. The BBC could collapse with grief. All of them failing to understand that they've been rumbled.

Sky News, CNN, C4 and all the major press outlets have mightily been thumped and their rigged opinion polls devastatingly embarrassed just a few months post their polling Brexit debacle.

I dreamt of this. Brexit and now a Trump victory. As you listen to endless wails of how did it happen. There is one pure reason. Not Trump or Farage or Merkel and remember that long distant memory, Camoron. The people have spoken.

Perhaps now our Government and cringeworthy Sir Humphreys, together with the corporate lot will get the message. The people rule and still can bring down the mightiest of tyrants and despots. Let us hope Brexit will get back on track and the Supreme Court will understand their own vulnerability if the will of millions is again thwarted by Judges subservient to global politics before any semblance of just democracy.

We must be ready for vicious retaliation by the money men. As with Brexit there will be powerful and underhand forces employed to bring down this new President. Their power blunted by the total dominance of a Republican Government. Just watch the many nasty republican politicians cringely slither back to the fold. However, if this victory is realised all of us must unite and work to cover any cost to our lives. Why? The price of freedom.


The BBC is closed! Endless loop coverage with a banner showing 218/275. Other really live stations show Trump's huge 289 number! Brexit still has to happen, albeit the vote was fantastic. Now this Trump victory. Clinton hiding from the drubbing she brought down on herself and her crooked, corrupt Party. Even the FTSE is holding up! Then there may well be the shockwaves through Europe sweeping the EUSSR, Clinton/Obummer backed elite into the same dustbin marked "Failure of the elite" to listen to the people.

Back in 2007-2008 the Establishment took drug and Mafia criminally got, money. The misery of sex slavery, war and cocaine abuse was dismissed. Instead of paying off people's mis-sold equities, embezzled deposits and savings, governments bailed out the bankers and traders. Had they not done this and reduced substantially personal indebtedness, ill thought out mortgage scams and "financial instruments" of worthless credit swaps, the economy would have recovered by now.

Instead those bailouts created evermore billionaires and Philip Greens. So now the whirlwind of resentment, anger and loathing for the corporate model of corrupt governance has been rumbled. Rejoice even when they kick back. As they will try to do. More similarities to Brexit.


  1. Since i got up this morning i havent stopped laughing,god bless trump

  2. Being retired allowed me to stay up all night and watch it live, with a little liquid refreshment, how very satisfying to see Trumps victory unfold. He certainly has a mess to clear up though. Here's hoping all goes smoothly for him and that he quickly weeds out all the crooked cronies and warmonger military brass and surrounds himself with sound honest advisors. Not forgetting or forgiving the present corrupt administration,Obama, Clinton and the rest of their cancerous clique will hopefully be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, then their "legacy" of infamy can stand as a warning to others who in the future may be tempted to emulate them.

  3. Meaning of come up trumps :

    When someone is said to have 'come up trumps', they have completed an activity successfully or produced a good result, especially when they were not expected to.

    Aint that that truth

  4. Excellent summary Rightie.

    I've covered a lot of mileage today and most of it with an ear to ear grin, it has been just a beautiful day, even listened to Jermey Vine (i can't stand the program, poor replacement for dear old Jimmy Young)to hear the wailing of the entitled, anyone looking at me will have seen an old chap laughing his socks off.

    Now back home its time to enjoy the same smacked arse faces that chewed wasps over Brexit.
    I'd love to have been with Farage today, bet he got well sloshed, good man that.

    At last people have finally woken.

    Congratulations Donald Trump, well done that man.


  5. Thank you all kindly. The joy is palpable, the wasp chewing a delight to watch.