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Friday, 21 October 2016

Well Wa da ya Know?

A Lone But Intelligent Article.

For some time now Obummer and his muppets in The Western world have sought to vilify Russia and Putin. Their use of hypocrisy over Crimea and Syria its usual self. Bomb Mosul's human shields to pieces, or Yemini people, just tickety boo, Ya know. Hell, our crap and mess in Iraq and Libya, so what?

Yet a legal ally of Assad, Russia, vilified for daring to assist a legal Government, recover lost lands by consent of their people, Crimea, that is just not acceptable to American Corporate hegemony. Killary Clinton just can't wait to hover her pudgy, evil fingers over the nuke button. Doctor Strangelove in drag.

Than God we sensible and pragmatic souls have an ally in the otherwise pathetic, bought and paid for, buggered,Western,slavish media. The same magazine also had a superior approach to Brexit. So comforting in the face of the gross distortion of the BBC/SKY and the rest of the Western buffoons we suffer. Boulton possibly the most odious and grotesque imaginable. 


  1. How catching is this anti Putin (or anyone who doesn't read from the present US regime hymn sheet of the day) hysteria i wonder, have they slipped something in the Champers they slug back at the right meejia invited dinners.

    If only we had our own Putin waiting in the wings to lead our country, well up to a point we did, Young Farage, and didn't they vilify him.

    Thankyou for the link to the articles mentioning the Spectator, now i haven't bought a newspaper for over 30 years, but Spectator is proving to be the last publication in Britain that hasn't sold its soul and disappeared up its own back side, i've been meaning to take out a subscription for some time for the magazine and today will be that day.


  2. Russia is a nation with little access to the sea whilst we are an island with a seafaring tradition. Listening recently to the Boy Buggering Corporations anti Russian propaganda brought a smile to my face when they reported in a derisory tone to Russia's ONLY aircraft carrier. WELL THAT'S ONE MORE THAN WE'VE GOT.