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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Torn On what To Post On Today.

Obama's Legacy About To Be One Topic.

What a dreadful performance this incident was. Sleeves upturned, collar and tie askew and a swaggering stagger resembling a drunkard bonhomie. Unlikely, him being an Islamic world leader, presumably. For sure he was on something. Whatever, as undignified a departure from a funeral as you can get. Certainly a fitting image of this shyster's tenure at the helm of a dysfunctional Washington, just now.

Sadly, if the harridan takes over, it could become even worse. We shall see. Whatever, the Middle East wreckage and the determination to conquer or lay waste and decimate the region, if unable to aid Saudi in its subjugation, is only thwarted, for now, by Russia and China's legal support of Assad and the elected Syrian Government. That nicety of legality deleted from the West's MSM lexicon.

As for this gross warmongering regret from Kerry, what more do we need to see the nature of Kerry's blood lust against Assad for the purely selfish ambitions of the American-Saudi Axis. One incapable of seeing the terror and killing in Yemen, by that very same Axis, as another illegal and genocidal enterprise far worse than anything happening in Syria by that legally installed Government and its allies.

Moving on, the violence and evil still raging throughout Europe and Scandinavia, perpetrated by the unstoppable tide of mainly young male hordes of migrants deserting their own lands and peoples, goes mainly unreported. It is rare to find even Google censored information. Certainly the dearth of real reporting of the mess Europe is now in is only alleviated by a stream of pro migrant coverage and quotations from the Merkel handbook of integration.

Writing of the EUSSR, not to be confused with the people and Countries we all love but rather the embryo Fourth Reich of despots in waiting, our Prime Minister laid forth some determination today. Not least the repeal of the 1972 EC traitors Act and that Article 50 to be invoked by March next year. Music to this Blogger's ear.

Almost immediately, the BBC trotted out some obscure legal "expert" woman to say that this repeal could not be done because of all the legislation requiring EU compliance to be valid. Stupid woman. A single, well drafted caveat along the lines of, post repeal, any references to the EUSSR Commission etcetera would, until amended, be read as the United Kingdom Independent legality for any transitory necessity. 

On a (pun alert) lighter note we might even be able to manufacture and sell our own eco- friendly light bulbs at a reasonable price. Lamps which might actually throw some light on the nonsensical policies we have had to suffer for 40 plus decades of dictatorship from Brussels and Berlin. What's not to like?

Mrs May's conference speech today was uplifting. Let us all hope for it to become more than the empty rhetoric and lily livered weakness of Boy Dave. How poor his Old Etonian rule by cronyism turned out. We can only give thanks that the latest breathtaking hypocrisy of Corbyn's new best friend and anointed  Baroness, Shami Chakrabarti, failed to get her lad into Eton to continue to feed the gene pool of Old Etonians for the future.

Fascinating how Corbyn has surrounded himself with two very unpleasant hypocrites in Flabbot, Queen of Jamaica and Barbados and Chakrabarti. Shami an excellent name if you change the i to an e. Still, outside of Londonistan and with Vaz gone to ground, we can expect a few years of relative decency in the sticks. Not least lots of popcorn as the Remain rump struggle with a torrent of new legislation and divorce proceedings. Aint life grand!

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  1. Almost immediately, the BBC trotted out some obscure ...

    Precisely what I'm posting on today in a different context. Situation's so wrong just now.