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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Petulant, Puerile And Pathetic.

America And It's Western Puppets.

I am sickened by the constant failure of Western, or more accurately, corporate American decades old failure to even nod in the direction of using any influence to make a better world. I am torn between disgust at their interventionism as the major evil, or the blind and stupid behaviour of their "friends" in Europe and the UK in particular. Boris Johnson now spouting drivel of such partisan, three monkey stupidity as to make me despair.

America has chalked up millions of bloody casualties throughout the Planet. In my lifetime much of it began with the Vietnam war. History has judged that crazy and costly venture harshly and with substantial evidence of a war waged every bit against civilians as any before and since. Thus when Johnson compares Russia with the Nazi effort in the Spanish civil war, I cannot begin to prevent an overwhelming sense of nausea. Can it be that the P.M. used feminine wile to finally prove to once faithful admirers of Boris's, a lack of any genuine character in the man, when she gave him such a prominent role as Foreign Secretary?

As for Obummer and that bewigged fop, Kerry and their antagonistic and unnecessary, indeed stupid beyond belief, aggression against Putin and Russia, where on the Richter scale of damaging rhetoric and total absence of diplomacy do those clowns lie? A cease fire brokered with Assad and Russia was literally blown apart, with gathering certainty, by rebels, likely egged on by the CIA and their dubious bed fellows, classed by the CIA, as "moderate".

Probably the same 65000 plus claimed by that failed and dismal last UK Prime Minister. You know, those armed to the teeth by America only to be seen and felt turning their fire to the IS cause and only a handful still to be found of any use to the American debacle that is their presence in Syria.

How the American might is more to be regarded as a perception fuelled by their tame, global media is in itself a disgrace. An insult to their own forces blindly lurching between one set of rebels and another. All the time witness to the slaughter of innocents only likely to end with American withdrawal physically together with their their petulant, macho, Saudi paid for, insistence on Assad's downfall.

Look at the state of affairs. Assad and Putin sought to create safe passages for civilians out of Eastern Aleppo and even to make it available for armed rebels to depart, in order to stop the tragic continuance. It never happened. Probably because the Americans turned a blind eye to the use of civilians as human shields, rather than yield to the right of a democratic Government to rule its own territory.

What hypocrisy. The American, at best manslaughter, at worst murder, of Syrian Government troops and the resultant advances made by rebel terrorists was shrugged off so casually whilst the unproven allegations against the legal campaign become evermore outrageous. 

If only the American greed for power and dominance could be drawn in and decent, humane diplomacy be rediscovered. Sadly the mess and mayhem delivered into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine and now The Yemen shows no sign of abating. The billion dollar industry founded on fellating Saudi need shows no let up. All I can say is the depravity of the West, led by the carnage of American history, begins to look every bit as scary as the threat of Islamic terrorism.

As for the British Establishment motley fools. Now frequently seen to be cosying up to Kneecaps Martin and Mum slayer Adams in return for some perceived glory yet happy to scream murderer at a legally elected President Assad. Yuk. 

This latest scary clown craze is surely little more than aping the likes of Johnson, Obama and the all powerful Goldman Sachs circus entertainers now dominating our lives. If Killary Clinton, as is likely, gets the White House then the clowning will get even worse. Give me a friendlier clown in Trump, any day.


  1. Great post OR spot on

    If one country is well overdue for regime change it is America. I am sure there are enough constitutionalists living there to form the nucleus of a band of "moderate rebels" not terrorists though that is illegal. Obama wrote the script in the Ukraine and Syria he cannot complain, he is willing to risk nuclear war to protect them overseas.