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Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Our MPs And Ministers Experts In Delusion.

Experts In Eff All Else.

Mrs May selected from this bunch behind her a Cabinet. Those chosen instantly became shrouded in expertise and brilliance. Much as many before them. You know, like Bliar and his warmongering successes as an expert in WMD and murder. Snotty and that clumsy clown Balls. The latter thought he was supposed to juggle a lithe and beautiful dance partner with expert aplomb. Almost did as much harm to the poor girl as he and Gordo did to our pensions and our economy.

History is littered with the mistakes of these fools, so stupid as to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. Let us also not forget the Sir Humphreys, either. People so massaged with privilege as to believe in their own omnipotence. All of them blinded by their self importance, greed and ambition as to give them a belief in their expert status.

However, when they pontificate over matters we mere mortals have a lifetime of hard earned experience and long, hard earnt days to qualify, with a degree of expertise in, then these foolish politicians really do expose their Emperor garbs. Never more, for me, than the Heathrow expansion nonsense. Decades from when a decision was needed the idiots are still delaying. No doubt to protect them from significant vote loss if an election arrives sooner rather than later. Which I'm sure will.

Furthermore, the amount of lobbying and pressure applied, via hookers, bribes and downright nastiness, will have been regarded by the Cabinet as only part of the way things are, so fall in line. Hardly one common sense brain in all of them. Maybe Zac Goldsmith plus, dubiously, Bojo Buffoon, in this case.

Along with this zero expertise comes an inevitable lack of historic awareness. LHR was developed wrongly and in the wrong place from day one. The central Terminal concept another unbelievable folly. One still causing havoc at the mere mention of a terrorist loose in the entrance tunnels!

A brief hint of any leadership or studied thought on a third South East runway would have had Stansted by now the premier London/Southeast hub, already operating. Leadership and determination there could have swept the NIMBY army away. A few hundred grand here and there should have been enough. I'm surprised Maggie didn't push that through. Too busy no doubt and swayed by Londonistas self interested greed. 

Now we have to wait decades more before anything comes to fruition. Likely as not it won't be LHR.  Especially if something falls out of the sky over central London. Heaven forbid.

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  1. thats a good insight into the very "corridors" of Britain parliament, will surely keep visiting for more up-to-date happenings of the govt.