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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Europe Tottering.

Ask Merkel What She Thinks.

The state of the EUSSR is grossly woeful. The US, corporate led need for globalisation crumbling as their Middle East campaigns have spilt over into a crisis beyond control and imagination.

As Hungarians express their dismay, the banks teeter on the edge and many Nations ' now up against mass desire to follow the UK out the door, its undemocratic precept is dead. Despite the deluded rhetoric from Brussels dictated by Merkel, it is surely just a matter of time before the same violent unrest, barely contained in The Middle East flares. 

One fuelled by a similar powerful anti USA and Western political enslavement by faceless, corporate moguls and billionaires. How ironic that such restless, angry sentiment will only find any sensible support and alliances from Russian sources. Just as the Crimean people have.


  1. One wonders whether our grandchildren might be part of a future mass exodus for their own safety, will Hungary Czech Republic Poland etc be the last safe places to live a free life in Europe, oh the irony.


  2. Meanwhile, UKIP disintegrates and May turns left.